Anonymous (7 Dec 2011)
"Prayer for truth to come forward"

Dear Doves,
I have a critical prayer request.  I am in a situation where a terrible lie has been told about me in a custody battle.  I am asking for prayers for the truth to be known as I am innocent of all the things I have been accused of.  I am not asking for the Lord to let me get away with a crime I am asking that the truth will be known that one never occurred.  Please also remember my children and pray for their souls and surroundings as their mother is living and teaching our children a homosexual lifestyle.  God has delivered me in mighty ways before and I praise Him for that but I would be foolish to not ask the Saints of the Most High God to appeal with me for truth and justice in this situation. Forgiveness too I forgive for the lies told but I can't allow them to stand and I refuse to believe God will allow satan to steal my children and freedom away all because of lies.
Thank you,