Amy VanGerpen (14 Dec 2011)
"RE: GM"

GM, my TV commercial reference is in regard to those that believe that a commercial that Obama did in October 2008 right before the election was the official start of Daniel's 70th week.  There are a handful of Doves that believe this.  I'm sorry you took this as mocking as that was not my intent.  I am honestly at a loss at how anybody can believe this to be true. 

While I respectfully disagree with your interpretation of Daniel 9, as the traditional view makes more sense to me, I do appreciate your well thought out and written response.

Thank you,

Amy Van Gerpen

(13 Dec 2011)

"Re: AVG 3 ½ years?"


I don’t understand the TV commercial reference, but it has a mocking tone which is not your normal studious way.  No twisting of the Daniel verses is necessary; in fact it makes more sense in context.  It is unconventional, admittedly.