Amanda (1 Dec 2011)
"For:  Joe M. regarding Sabrina's rapture clue posting!!"

Joe I'm right there with you reading Sabrina's last posting.  I caught that rapture clue like blinking lights were all around His words!!  He's warning us that He's coming during these holiday party times that we are all having. I have one this Friday for my church's worship arts christmas dinner (I'm in the choir) and my husband's company christmas dinner on Saturday.  I caught the secular word too.  We are all guilty of forgetting about our Saviour during these parties.   I believe He's telling us before Christmas.  

He's telling me the year is 2011 ("11") Get ready! Only 31 more days to know for sure!!!

****p.s.  The Lord has clearly told me the year "11" but has not given me an exact month day or time.  He's keeping silent with that.  I don't think we could even handle it even if you wanted to know!!