Allan M (27 Dec 2011)
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Hi John and all Doves,

1st time post, so greetings in the Lords name!

I was curious about the controversy regarding the menorah in the photo with Obama,
and decided to check it out a bit more.
As you can see in the photo below, I added a bit of simple geometry, making guesstimated allowances for perspective.
The top plane, projected up from the table, is sitting approximately on top of the 8 brass candle holders.

(I hasten to point out that the geometry is by no means precise, but is accurate enough for the purpose.)

I believe it helps to clarify the height of the center candle holder in relation to the 8 branches.
I believe it easily shows that, while being set forward from the 8 branches, the center candle holder is definitely BELOW the level of the 8 branches.

Just my 2c worth. Hope this helps some.

Blessings to all!

Allan M.
Welcome to the Doves, Allan!