Alan T (29 Dec 2011)
"RE: Red Alert: The coming destruction, WWIII and the rapture !"

Brother Ron,
I just read your 5 doves letter " Red Alert: coming destruction, WWIII and the Rapture. I totally believe and support you in these findings. I have had the same inner urgency from the Spirit, and the hope and stirring feeling is becoming more earnest. I may not agree with you 100% doctrinally, but as a fellow watcher, I know we each have different backgrounds and gifts and service to The Lord.
I wanted to relay a vision I had early this year. I have never had any dreams or visions before in my life, in so that when I saw this I was dumbfounded and could not believe my eyes. In late February early this year I beheld a flat cloud in the distance with two "1 " (ones) . As I drove on toward it, the colossal shapes never moved nor dissipated in shape or stature..after months of pondering what I had seen, I started thinking of possible meaning. Then it came to me, like a comforting answer to a weary disillusioned watcher's prayers..IT HAS TO MEAN 11 MONTHS TILL THE RAPTURE  ! ! This would be exactly 11 months prior to Jan.28, 2012 that I witnessed this ! I started doing meditation and study on a possible timeline, and also search for other findings that would be confirmation and a witness. As a bible and satanic numbers enthusiast, I can relate to the obsession and sleeplessness this pursuit can require. Your  faithfulness and dedication to prayer is an inspiration and call to prayer for us all.
Thank You and looking forward to your next letter
Alan T