Alan T (28 Dec 2011)
"RE: Jovial ; "The illogical? nature of KJV onlyism""

Jovial and Doves, 
To respond to Jovial's question about why the English should be God's choice to be the chosen translation to bear His approval of preserved scripture.
These bible versions you mentioned:

Wycliffe's [1380]
    Tyndale's [1525/6]
    Coverdale's [1535]
    Matthew's by John Rogers [1537]
    1538 Coverdale's Latin-English NT,
    "The Great Bible" [1539 by Coverdale for Thomas Cranmer]
    Geneva [1560] says it retained over 90% of Tynsdale's translations. The 1599 update to it: (Geneva Study Bible) is available online by clicking here (though it's been "modernized").
    Bishops' [1568]
    1551 Bishop Becke's Bible,
    1552 Richard Jugge's NT 

How many of us have access to any of these in their original print today ? From the original samples I've read, they are exceedingly harder to follow than the KJ V.
Yes, there are some KJV equivalents out there..I do not have access to that list..the Cambridge is one, I believe.
We know from history that England Through Elizabeth carried the Protestant torch, and the catholic church was used by the devil to destroy ANY who opposes their tyranny. They used Spain, France, the illuminati, etc., and God brought His servants and His word through it all. God brought England through her enemies and raised up King James I, a godly king full of the Spirit..and he was hated and maligned for it. Enemies have slandered and besieged God's true servants as is still true to this day. After England's decline in the early 20th century, that protestant torch was passed to America, in whom we have the majority of the world's Christians today...and for 2 centuries America was blessed and preserved because of THIS King James Authorized Bible..the KJ Bible being the poor man's( whom God always prefers over status) bible, is responsible for that legacy..enemies creeping in unawares are responsible for the RSV (1881) ASV (1901) NASV (1960) LBV ( 1974) NLT ( 1996) NIV (1973), ad infinity, ad nausea.
If anything, IMO these bibles first coming on the scene was a herald for the apostasy that was creeping in and infecting this country and it's people like a virus. America has been in a downward spiral from truth deprivation for a century now IMO.

Alan T