Yona (21 Dec 2010)
"For Chris K. & Doves"


Greetings to Chris K. and all Doves!

Many thanks for that wonderful and touching video you recorded ... what
a lovely way to worship our great G-d.  I love the Psalms too and have
never tired of reading them over the past 30 years.  I frequently use
them as a basis of my worship to G-d during devotional times in the
mornings, by reading them aloud ... they seem to inspire a particular
closeness to G-d ... and through the years they have caused me to truly
love and cherish that lofty soul, King David ... what a special joy it
will be to share in worship with King David in our Heavenly Home above
... Unlike your melodious voice, though, G-d will need to endow me with
a new and better set of vocal chords if I am to truly honour Him with
melodious sounds! (smile)

Blessings in the Most High G-d!

Love and shalom,