Will Schumacher (9 Dec 2010)
"Gen 5:17 and 1290"

God has told the end from the beginning Is 46:10

Whatever has been done is what will be done Eccl 1:9

God has used the day = year principal in the bible with the spies bad report 40 years for 40 days and in Ezekiel 4 with 430 days for 430 years.

There are 1290 days to the abomination of desolation Dan 12:11

God has shown three 1290 year time periods in the bible and history

The 1st one is Mahalalel-he died 1290 years from the fall.  Mahalalel means praise of God.  So the praise of God died after 1290 years, I believe symbolic of after 1290 days Satan will be cast down and destruction will come-the end of the praise of God

Does the gematria concur that 1290 days ends 4-11-12.  411, day 102, 119 for Nisan 19

Gen 5:17 And all the days of Mahalalel were eight hundred ninety and five years: and he died.


6th word down H8673 gem 820=20x41

Total to H8673=1808


1808=119x2 + 157x10

1808=102x11 + 343x2

1808=411 + 11x127

G1808 means to take away-the praise of God will be taken away-and has a gematria of 976

976=411 + 113x5

976=119x5 + 3x127

976=102x2 + 4x193

Perfect again

Base on my calendar of years which shows a 4000 bc jewish year fall of man

According to the bible, Abraham died after 2123 years from the fall or 1877bc.  The final siege against Jerusalem and the burning of the temple was in 587 bc 1290 years later

According to the bible Jacob entered Egypt at age 130, 2238 years from the fall or 1762bc.  The Jews were to be destroyed by Haman-a type of a/c on Adar 13, 472 bc-again 1290 years later

At the conclusion of 1290 years there is the death of the praise of God, the destruction of the southern kingdom and Jerusalem, and a type of a/c who was supposed to destroy the jewish people.  It all points to the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 being a day of destruction and/or beginning of destruction.  Every verse I have looked at about the upcoming destruction of Jerusalem has been through the gematria tied to the numbers  411,119, and 102.

 Will Schumacher