Will Schumacher (6 Dec 2010)
"My original post about feb 6, 2011 from this summer"


Isaiah 46:10 God has declared the end from the beginning

Eccl 1:9  That which has been is that which will be


I believe something special will happen on Feb 6, 2011.  It will be the actual division of Israel, or a major event leading up to the division of Israel.



The number 430 is God’s number for division or some type of division of time


Example of the number 430 in the bible

-In Ezekiel 4 there was 430 years of iniquity and Ezekiel laid on his side 430 days

-In exodus 12:40 there were 430 years form the birth of Jacob to the exodus (birth of the nation)

-430 days from sept 25, 1946 (feast of trumpets and 70 proph years before 9-23-15) to the UN decree on Nov 29, 1947 (birth of the nation)

-Genesis geneology shows there are 430 years from Arpachshad being born 2 years after the flood in 2342 bc (assuming 4000 bc mortality began) to Isaac being married in 1912 bc (which is a picture of the rapture)

-Genesis 12:17 Eber (beginning of Hebrew-type of Israel) became the father of Peleg (meaning division) and 430 years later Eber died.

This is the first use of the number 430 in the bible and I believe is a type of the time period from 430 days before the abomination of desolation to the abomination of desolation.


I have shown repeatedly how there is a huge countdown from major catastrophes and the major events that happen to Israel to April 11, 2012 which just happens to be 1290 (Dan 12:11-1290 days to abomination of desolation) days after the dow dropped 777 points on feast of trumpets 2008.  


430 days before April 11, 2012  is Feb 6, 2011 - II adar 3 on the jewish calendar.  12th month 3rd day just as the 2nd temple was completed on the 12th month 3rd day but because it was not a leap year that was adar 3.  So there is some type of significance historically to the jewish date and because 430 means division or division of time I thought this date might be interesting.


Doug Corley had shown me that the gematria for “the abomination of desolation” is 3521.  God’s end times use mostly prophetic years (360 days) and I calculated that 3521 prophetic years is = 3470 years + 170 days.  (3521x360/365.2422=3470.464256)


I also noticed how close april 11, 2012 –3521 proph years is to the 1462 bc exodus date that my calendar of years shows (I posted this a few months ago)


I thought that maybe 4-11-12 (the abomination of desolation) would be tied to the golden calf  ( a type of abomination to God) at Mt Sinai, but I was wrong and it was tied to Oct 24 , 1460 bc which according to John Pratt’s calendar converter was Tishri 30.  However I then looked at Av 9, 1461 bc (August 20, 1461 bc)-the day the spies bad report came back and found out it was 430 days earlier!!!  How ironic!!!


So the spies bad report on Av 9, 1461 is exactly 3521 (gematria of the abomination of desolation) prophetic years before Feb 6, 2011

Then I thought OK what are the parallels.  God promised them the land and the spies came back and said no, the nations within the land are too big we can’t trust in you to give this to us.  If the division of Jerusalem happens what is Israel saying:  No the nations around us are too big for us, even though you brought us back as a nation and gave us Jerusalem in the 6 day war we are looking at ourselves and not trusting you again to take care of us. Isn’t that an abomination to the Lord.  It parallels perfectly.


2nd part

God has interchanged days for years in the bible-Ezekiel’s 430 years for 430 days and the spies 40 days for 40 years of wandering.

The 70th week lays out like this


777 dow drop                              1290 days                                  45 more (1335 from 777)

sept 29, 2008   +   devil cast down and abomination of desolation   +   Pentecost rapture

                                                  April 11, 2012                                   May 26, 2012

God has given us this picture in history using years instead of days


(3) 7’s=777  (1818 bc)               +     1290 years (518 bc)         +       45 more (473 bc)

Jacob worked 7 years and married               decree for Zerubbabel                         Mordecai paradeed

Leah.  He waited 7 days and married           whose name means                              around streets like

Rachel but had to work 7 more years            seed of Babel to rebuild                      first fruits-symbolic

To finalize marriage                                       temple                                                 of first fruits/Pentecost


A couple comments: 

-The parallel of the (3) 7’s-Jesus is returning 7 jewish years later on the feast of trumpets Sept 14, 2015 just as Jacob has to work 7 more years to pay off Laban for Rachel. 

-Why would God have someone whose name means seed of Babel rebuild the temple?  Names mean a lot to God-He renamed many people in the Bible.  The bible is full of symbolism and types.  Antichrist is a seed of babel.  Zerubbabel is symbolic of the antichrist after 1290 days.


Now from my calendar of years I also know that the death of Solomon was 946bc.  He reigned 40 years.  At his death the kingdom was divided-I believe this is symbolic of Jerusalem being divided. 

From my timeline above 518 bc (which corresponds to 4-11-12 when the devil is cast down and the abomination of desolation occurs) –430 years is 948 bc which is 2 years before the death of Solomon and division of the tribes in 946 or 945 bc.  King David died on Pentecost by jewish tradition and Solomon’s reign would be after that So I would guess he would have reigned until Pentecost or slightly after in 946 bc.  There are only 112 days until the new jewish year starts on feast of trumpets so that is why I speculate the actual division may have been in 945 bc jewish year.


But it says in 1 Kings 11:4 that when Solomon was old that he turned away and God told Solomon in 11:11 that He would tear away the kingdom.  Later in the same chapter God has Ahijah tell Jeroboam that he will get 10 of the tribes to rule over.  I believe it would be safe to say that if this happened when Solomon was old it would have been in his last 10% of his reign or last 4 years.  Since God is consistent with the way He uses numbers and the number 2 signifies division/witness it would seem there is a good chance this happened 2 years before Solomon died which would have been 948 bc which is exactly 430 years before 518 bc and again 430 represents division.


Now another interesting thing is that the division happened in 945bc most likely and the second temple was completed 430 years later in 515bc by Zerubbabel. 


Also when Jeroboam took over the ten tribes the bible says he made 2 golden calves, priests not from Levi, and made an altar and started sacrificing etc. etc. This is the only picture I can think of that typifies a “false temple” This seems to me a picture or “type” of the person who is to become the antichrist will oversee the division and also the construction of the temple that the antichrist sits in.


Part 3

If this division on Feb 6, 2011, 430 days before April 11, 2012 really is to happen then God should have a countdown to this date through numbers pointing to division just as He has to 4-11-12.  And it would be from major events that Israel has done to work towards peace that will only come through the divison of Jerusalem.


Sept 17, 1978 Camp David Accords= 13x13x70 days to Feb 6, 2011


Sept 13, 1993 Oslo Accords= 41x155 days to Feb 6, 2011


Sept 28, 1995 Oslo 2=11x51x10 days to Feb 6, 2011


Oct 23, 1998 Wye Accords = 67 x67 (67 means deity, Is this pointing to the person who divides Jerusalem is the antichrist)


May 1, 2003   Pres. Bush unveils roadmap for peace =43x66 days to Feb 6, 2011

On May 1, the very day that President Bush unveiled his road map plan, the Israeli army launched a major invasion deep into Gaza City, Gaza Strip. Backed by heavy armor and helicopter gunships, the Israeli forces fought their way to a five-story apartment where a suspected militant lived in the crowded Shijaia neighborhood. A major gunbattle ensued with bullets crashing into adjacent homes, lasting from 1am until 5pm when the Israelis finally blew up the building. In the end, 13 Palestinians including two young children and an elderly man laid dead. One of Sharon's spokesmen, David Baker, defended the attack, claiming that "these activities will continue wherever and whenever they are needed, without a connection to other outside considerations." (Washington Post, May 1, 2003)


June 7, 1967 =15950 days to Feb 6, 2011= 11x50x29


Oct 6, 1973 Yom Kippur War=13x1049 days to Feb 6, 2011


The person in charge of dividing it: birthdate to Feb 6, 2011=13x13x107 days


So to summarize

-430 is God’s number for division

-3521 prophetic years from the spies bad report and saying no to taking the land is Feb 6, 2011 which is 430 days before the abomination of desolation

-430 years before Zerubbabel-seed of Babel signifying antichrist, Israel was divided by God

-There is a countdown from events leading up to the divison to the date of division



Will Schumacher