Will Schumacher (20 Dec 2010)
"Salah, abraham,430,411,119"

Is 46:10 and Eccl 1:9 tell us that God has told the end from the beginning and that what will happen is what has happened

The genesis geneology reveals four 430 year periods

Based on arbitrary 4000bc fall of man

2342bc Arphaxad born + 430 years=1912 bc Isaac marries Rebekah

430 years to Exodus

-both of these are clear symbolic pictures of the rapture, therefore I believe something significant with Israel will happen 430 days before the rapture

2243 bc Peleg born + 430 years=1813 bc Eber dies

2307 bc Salah born + 430 years=1877 bc Abraham dies

I am sure that this last one is a picture of the 430 day time period from Feb 6, 2011 to April 11, 2012

1)      Clay Cantrell has been showing how important Jared (the father who knows) is

-From Genesis chronology it is 1233(3x411) years from the birth of Jared in 3540 bc to the birth of Salah in 2307 bc

-From Genesis it is 1666 years(119x14) from birth of Jared to death of Salah in 1874bc

-From Jared becoming a father to Enoch in 3378bc to the birth of Salah in 2307bc it is 1071(119x9) years

        2) I have shown previously that from the fall to Mahalalel(the praise of God) dying it is 1290 years symbolizing the 1290 days from 9-29-08 to 4-11-12.

                -From Genesis chronology it is 833 (7x119)years from death of Mahalalel to death of Abraham

So the birth of Salah would be linked to 2-6-11 and the death of abrahm would be linked to 4-11-12

Verse# 666

Gen 25:7 And these are the days of the years of Abraham’s life which he lived, an hundred threescore and fifteen years

from www.biblewheel.com

word 1=And these are the days

word 2=Of the years   H8141  total gematria=411

On the original text side the total to the 2nd word is 102.  4-11-12 is the 102nd day that year because it is a leap year

Another interesting thing is salah’s gematria is 338=169x2. 2-6-11 is then 1690 days before 9-23-15

2012=2x411 + 119x10

Verse #666 on the death of Abraham and Gen 11:12 both contain the word H2568 chamesh

Gen 11:12-And Arphaxad lived five and thirty years, and begat Salah

Total gematria to H2568=981=9x109-Clay’s destruction number

981=1203 + -2x111 (2-6-11 is 12th month 3rd day on jewish calendar)

981=206x4 +157

H7974 Shelach means sprout or request but comes from H7973 which also means weapon, missile, dart

Lukes version of the AOD seems to show that Jerusalem will be surrounded at the same time by armies with “weapons,missiles,darts”

Will Schumacher