Will Schumacher (20 Dec 2010)
"post 2-polonium 210, gen 25:8 and 411"

Clay Cantrell talks about 2 major events-9/11 and Polonium 210.   Both of these included the rapture and destruction numbers that God has shown him.  I believe these events happened on certain days as markers to the the 2 big events that are to happen-the AOD/satan being cast down and the rapture.

It is exactly 1989 days inclusive of 11-1-2006 to 4-11-12.  On 11-1-06 the polonium 210 poison was administered.

I looked at the biblewheel.com for verses with a gematria of 1989 and to my surprise this one came up.

Verse # 667  Gen 25:8 Then Abraham gave up the ghost, and died in a good old age, an old man, and full of years: and was gathered to his people.

My previous post included how verse #666 was about the death of Abraham and the gematria pointed to 411 for 4/11/12

From strongs text side 6th word down H2205(15x147) with gem 157

Total gematria to H2205=1264


1264=193 + 9x119

From original text side there is a bracket




Total to 378=1675

1264 + 411=1675

1675=666 + 343 + 666

1675=11x109 + 4x119

The reason I came to this verse was 1989

1989=6x263 + 411

1989=666 + 9x147


 Will Schumacher