Will Schumacher (16 Dec 2010)
"Re Suzi-calendar"

I have seem a number of people on here post the same thing.  My 2 cents is that the jewish calendar is dead on.  The reasons why are the 2014 and 2015 eclipses all on jewish feast days and the 49 prophetic years from 6-7-67 to 9-23-15 day of atonement.  We just had 3 years in a row if i recall corrrectly that the solar eclipse fell on Av1.  The Dow dropped 777 points on feast of trumpets.  Most people expect not only a final 7 years but a final 70 years.  70 prophetic years before 9-23-15 was 9-25-46=feast of trumpets.  430 days later (think exodus) was 11-29-47=the un decree to allow Israel to become a nation.
Jesus says the final days will be like the times of Moses. God gave a 120 year warning.  I expect Jesus to return 9-14-15-feast of trumpets(the feast no man knows the day or hour of) 120 prophetic years before 9-14-15 was June 4, 1897.  Feast of trumpets is 2 day feast. June 5, 1897 was pentecost. So 2nd day of FOT 2015 is tied by 120 proph years to pentecost 1897.  Theodore Herzl is the father of the Zionist movement.  He started publishing Die Walt in June 1897.  The 1st Zionist Congress was August 1897.  The 120 year "warning" then is the beginning of the return of Israel.
I honestly could go on and on about reoccurring timelines of biblical history pointing to 2012 and 2015.
And again this is just my 2 cents, i am not trying to argue with anyone.
Will Schumacher