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"[Revelation2217] Speaking Mouth to Mouth on Christmas Day..."


I came across this earlier and thought I would share it.


Hebrew Strong’s # 8664 = Tishbite


1Kgs 17:1

And ElijahH452 the Tishbite,H8664 [who was] of the inhabitantsH8453 of Gilead,H1568 saidH559 unto Ahab,H256 [As] the LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478 liveth,H2416 beforeH6440 whom I stand,H5975 there shall not be dewH2919 nor rainH4306 these years,H8141 but accordingH6310 to my word.H1697


8664 Verses from Esther 2:7

Num 12:8

With him will I speakH1696 mouthH6310 to mouth,H6310 even apparently,H4758 and not in dark speeches;H2420 and the similitudeH8544 of the LORDH3068 shall he behold:H5027 wherefore then were ye not afraidH3372 to speakH1696 against my servantH5650 Moses?H4872


I noticed that when I add mouth to mouth…  (Imagine the picture of God breathing into Adam)


6310 + 6310 = 12620


12620 Verses from the End

Isa 42:1

Behold my servant,H5650 whom I uphold;H8551 mine elect,H972 [in whom] my soulH5315 delighteth;H7521 I have putH5414 my spiritH7307 upon him: he shall bring forthH3318 judgmentH4941 to the Gentiles.H1471


One verse has a gematria that is also equal to 12620:


Rom 9:33

AsG2531 it is written,G1125 Behold,G2400 I layG5087 inG1722 SionG4622 G3037a stumblingstoneG4348 andG2532 rockG4073 of offence:G4625 andG2532 whosoeverG3956 believethG4100 onG1909 himG846 shallG2617 notG3756 be ashamed.G2617


Notice that 12620 is a product of 1262 x 10.


Hebrew Strong’s # 1262 = to eat

Greek Strong’s # 1263 = testify, witness


Hebrew Strong’s # 1263 = Baruch


Notice how Baruch is this picture…


Jer 36:18

Then BaruchH1263 answeredH559 them, He pronouncedH7121 all these wordsH1697 unto me with his mouth,H6310 and I wroteH3789 [them] with inkH1773 in the book.H5612


Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary

Strong’s Greek Dictionary

8674 Entries

3946 Entries

1678 Entries

12620 Entries

1678 Entries


Notice that 3946 is the difference between the Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary and 12620 Entries.


Greek Strong’s # 3946 = to be like, similar


BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # 3946

Mal 4:6

And he shall turnH7725 the heartH3820 of the fathersH1 to the children,H1121 and the heartH3820 of the childrenH1121 to their fathers,H1 lest I comeH935 and smiteH5221 the earthH776 with a curse.H2764


… which is speaking of Elijah.


Matt 4:4

ButG1161 he answeredG611 and said,G2036 It is written,G1125 ManG444 shallG2198 notG3756 liveG2198 byG1909 breadG740 alone,G3441 butG235 byG1909 everyG3956 wordG4487 that proceedethG1607 outG1223 of the mouthG4750 of God.G2316


To eat from God’s mouth is the same picture of being mouth to mouth…


Greek Strong’s # 4750 = Mouth


What is a two-mouthed sword?   Both the Hebrew and Greek will use the word, Mouth, for the edge of the sword.  Thus a WORD is in the SWORD.


4750 x 2 = 9500


Verse # 9500

1Kgs 22:19

And he said,H559 HearH8085 thou therefore the wordH1697 of the LORD:H3068 I sawH7200 the LORDH3068 sittingH3427 on his throne,H3678 and all the hostH6635 of heavenH8064 standingH5975 by him on his right handH3225 and on his left.H8040


Now picture this MOUTH as a GATE


9500 Verses from the End

Ezek 44:2

Then saidH559 the LORDH3068 unto me; This gateH8179 shall be shut,H5462 it shall not be opened,H6605 and no manH376 shall enterH935 in by it; because the LORD,H3068 the GodH430 of Israel,H3478 hath enteredH935 in by it, therefore it shall be shut.H5462


Ezek 44:3

[It is] for the prince;H5387 the prince,H5387 he shall sitH3427 in it to eatH398 breadH3899 beforeH6440 the LORD;H3068 he shall enterH935 by the wayH1870 of the porchH197 of [that] gate,H8179 and shall go outH3318 by the wayH1870 of the same.


Can you see it?   It is MOUTH to MOUTH eating the BREAD from the MOUTH of GOD.


Webster’s Vol 1 Word # 9500 = CHRISTMAS-DAY, n. The twenty fifth day of December, when Christmas is celebrated.

Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 9500 = PUB'LISHMENT, n. In popular usage in New England, a notice of intended marriage.


Consider this picture…


Judg 3:16

But EhudH164 madeH6213 him a daggerH2719 which had twoH8147 edges,H6366 of a cubitH1574 length;H753 and he did girdH2296 it under his raimentH4055 upon his rightH3225 thigh.H3409


Consider the mouth to mouth picture of God breathing in Adam…


Webster’s Word # 6366 = BLOW-PIPE, n. [blow and pipe.] An instrument by which a blast or current of air is driven through the flame of a lamp or candle, and that flame directed upon a mineral substance, to fuse or vitrify it.


6366 x 2 = 12732


Verse # 12732

Esth 2:7

And he brought upH539 HadassahH1919, that [is], Esther,H635 his uncle'sH1730 daughter:H1323 for she had neither fatherH1 nor mother,H517 and the maidH5291 [was] fairH8389 H3303 and beautiful;H4758 H2896 whom Mordecai,H4782 when her fatherH1 and motherH517 were dead,H4194 tookH3947 for his own daughter.H1323


The book of Esther is called by the Jews the book of the “Hidden Face of God” because God is never mentioned.  To see Him, you have to NOTICE Him.


Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary

Strong’s Greek Dictionary

8674 Entries

4058 Entries

1566 Entries

12732 Entries

1566 Entries


Greek Strong’s # 4058 = Dove


Phone # 6366 = NEMO


Do you remember the movie, FINDING NEMO?


Matt 14:17

AndG1161 they sayG3004 unto him,G846 G3756We haveG2192 hereG5602 butG1487 G3361fiveG4002 loaves,G740 andG2532 twoG1417 fishes.G2486


2486 x 2 = 4972


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 4972 = OVERFEE'D, v.t. To feed to excess.


Notice the metaphor carried through…


Greek Strong’s # 4972 = Sealed


John 6:27

LabourG2038 notG3361 for the meatG3588 G1035 which perisheth,G622 butG235 for that meatG3588 G1035 which endurethG3306 untoG1519 everlastingG166 life,G2222 whichG3739 the SonG3588 G5207 of manG3588 G444 shall giveG1325 unto you:G5213 forG1063 himG5126 hathG4972 GodG3588 G2316 the FatherG3588 G3962 sealed.G4972


I pray that you all have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS with GOD Mouth to Mouth.


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