Wade Balzer (21 Dec 2010)
"[Revelation2217] How Long before Christ Returns? ... About 3 Inches."


I don’t know if I can convey what I see, but I will try.   It starts out with a story from last week, Friday, December 17, 2010.   Every once and a while I have a yearning that can be pretty intense, and I asked God, “HOW LONG before you return?”   I was expecting silence, and yes, I heard no audible voice.   But I got an answer that took me by surprise.  He held up His thumb and finger with a distance, and said, “…In about THREE INCHES”.   I nearly quickly dismissed having seen a flash vision at all, and as I was about to, I sensed the Lord speaking to me inviting me to seek the wisdom from Him to understand what he meant.


I certainly have not exhausted my research, but my initial thought was a question… “What is an INCH?”


I realize now that as I am looking to answer the question, I am seeing verses that appear to be in line with what I heard.


Phone # 4624 = INCH


NT Verse # 3333  is 4624 Verses from the End.

John 9:37

AndG1161 JesusG2424 saidG2036 unto him,G846 Thou hastG3708 bothG2532 seenG3708 him,G846 andG2532 it isG2076 heG1565 that talkethG2980 withG3326 thee.G4675


4624 Verses from Mal 4:6

Isa 43:15

I [am] the LORD,H3068 your Holy One,H6918 the creatorH1254 of Israel,H3478 your King.H4428


One thought is, that if I asked God how long before He returns, and His answer is… “in about THREE INCHES”, provided I heard Him correctly, then perhaps His Return is not a matter of time, but a matter of breadth.   If His Return is a matter of breadth, then I will behold Him, when I can see His breadth.


If you have seen the Chronicles of Narnia, the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, there is a part where the Invisible beings, called Dufflepuds, could only be seen by their breath, until they were made visible.  In the same way, God’s breathing can be seen in His breadth.   If you can see His breadth, then you can see God.


3333 Verses from Esther 2:7

1Kgs 19:11

And he said,H559 Go forth,H3318 and standH5975 upon the mountH2022 beforeH6440 the LORD.H3068 And, behold, the LORDH3068 passed by,H5674 and a greatH1419 and strongH2389 windH7307 rentH6561 the mountains,H2022 and brake in piecesH7665 the rocksH5553 beforeH6440 the LORD;H3068 [but] the LORDH3068 [was] not in the wind:H7307 and afterH310 the windH7307 an earthquake;H7494 [but] the LORDH3068 [was] not in the earthquake:H7494


Looking at the CV (Chapter Verse) Reference… 1911


Hebrew Strong’s # 1911 = stretch forth the hand


Verse # 1911

Exod 14:21

And MosesH4872 stretched outH5186 his handH3027 over the sea;H3220 and the LORDH3068 caused the seaH3220 to goH3212 [back] by a strongH5794 eastH6921 windH7307 all that night,H3915 and madeH7760 the seaH3220 dryH2724 [land], and the watersH4325 were divided.H1234


What else do I see with an INCH?


Verse # 3848 is BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # 4624

Num 6:24

The LORDH3068 blessH1288 thee, and keepH8104 thee:

Num 6:25

The LORDH3068 make his faceH6440 shineH215 upon thee, and be graciousH2603 unto thee:


Num 6:26

The LORDH3068 lift upH5375 his countenanceH6440 upon thee, and giveH7760 thee peace.H7965


Follow the Verse # 3848 to the Strong’s…


Hebrew Strong’s # 3848 = Clothed


What is interesting is that my question echoes the cry of those under the alter….


Rev 6:10

AndG2532 they criedG2896 with a loudG3173 voice,G5456 saying,G3004 HowG2193 long,G4219 O Lord,G1203 holyG40 andG2532 true,G228 dost thouG2919 notG3756 judgeG2919 andG2532 avengeG1556 ourG2257 bloodG129 onG575 them that dwellG2730 onG1909 the earth?G1093

Rev 6:11

AndG2532 whiteG3022 robesG4749 were givenG1325 unto every one of them;G1538 andG2532 it was saidG4483 unto them,G846 thatG2443 they should restG373 yetG2089 G5550for a littleG3398 season,G5550 untilG2193 theirG846 fellowservantsG4889 alsoG2532 andG2532 theirG846 brethren,G80 that should be killedG615 asG5613 G2532theyG846 [were], should beG3195 G3739fulfilled.G4137


Looking at another INCH


BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # 4624

1Cor 2:4

AndG2532 myG3450 speechG3056 andG2532 myG3450 preachingG2782 [was] notG3756 withG1722 enticingG3981 wordsG3056 of man'sG442 wisdom,G4678 butG235 inG1722 demonstrationG585 of the SpiritG4151 andG2532 of power:G1411


Verse # 1411   (Greek Strong’s # 1411 = Power)

Gen 46:24

And the sonsH1121 of Naphtali;H5321 Jahzeel,H3183 and Guni,H1476 and Jezer,H3337 and Shillem.H8006


If you are like me, you have probably read this verse like I have all my life…  And the sons of Naphtali, blah, blah, blah, and blah… (Wade’s thoughts while reading… Why is this in even in the Bible?)


There just so happen to only be THREE Verses that have a CV (Chapter Verse) # = 4624  (INCH)


Gen 46:24  (Gematria = 1534)  

Jer 46:24  (Gematria = 1961

Eze 46:24  (Gematria = 4262)




Exod 3:14

And GodH430 saidH559 unto Moses,H4872 I AMH1961 THAT I AM:H1961 and he said,H559 Thus shalt thou sayH559 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 I AM hath sentH7971 me unto you.


I can spend a lot of time just dealing with translating the gematrias…   I will save that for you.   I will show you what adding them does…


1534 + 1961 + 4262 = 7757


Hebrew Strong’s # 7757 = Hem of a garment


Need I remind you of someone who touched the Hem of His garment?


NT Verse # 7757

Rev 12:10

AndG2532 I heardG191 a loudG3173 voiceG5456 sayingG3004 inG1722 heaven,G3772 NowG737 is comeG1096 salvation,G4991 andG2532 strength,G1411 andG2532 the kingdomG932 of ourG2257 God,G2316 andG2532 the powerG1849 of hisG846 Christ:G5547 forG3754 the accuserG2725 of ourG2257 brethrenG80 is cast down,G2598 whichG3588 accusedG2723 themG846 beforeG1799 ourG2257 GodG2316 dayG2250 andG2532 night.G3571


If the scriptures are His Garments, then when you have touched the Hem, you have touched Him.


Phone # 7272 = PAPA


Hebrew Strong’s # 7272 = Foot


If you divide the foot into 12 segments, you have 12 inches.


7272 / 12 = 606


BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # = 27713

Dan 7:13

I sawH2370 H1934 in the nightH3916 visions,H2376 and, behold,H718 [one] like the SonH1247 of manH606 cameH858 withH5974 the cloudsH6050 of heaven,H8065 and cameH4291 toH5705 the AncientH6268 of days,H3118 and they brought him nearH7127 beforeH6925 him.


NT BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # = 27713

Rev 7:13

AndG2532 oneG1520 ofG1537 the eldersG4245 answered,G611 sayingG3004 unto me,G3427 What are theseG3778 whichG5101 areG1526 arrayedG4016 in whiteG3022 robes?G4749 andG2532 whence cameG2064 they?G4159


Do you remember being CLOTHED?


Verse # 27713

Acts 22:8

AndG1161 IG1473 answered,G611 WhoG5101 art thou,G1488 Lord?G2962 AndG5037 he saidG2036 untoG4314 me,G3165 IG1473 amG1510 JesusG2424 of Nazareth,G3480 whomG3739 thouG4771 persecutest.G1377


Here is 606 again….


2Tim 4:8

HenceforthG3063 there is laid upG606 for meG3427 a crownG4735 of righteousness,G1343 whichG3739 the Lord,G2962 the righteousG1342 judge,G2923 shall giveG591 meG3427 atG1722 thatG1565 day:G2250 andG1161 notG3756 to meG1698 only,G3440 butG235 unto allG3956 themG25 alsoG2532 that loveG25 hisG846 appearing.


606 Verses from the End

2Pet 1:16

ForG1063 we haveG1811 notG3756 followedG1811 cunningly devisedG4679 fables,G3454 when we made knownG1107 unto youG5213 the powerG1411 andG2532 comingG3952 ofG2962 ourG2257 LordG2962 JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 butG235 wereG1096 eyewitnessesG2030 ofG3168 hisG1565 majesty.G3168


Looking at the CV (Chapter Verse) # = 606

Ps 60:6

GodH430 hath spokenH1696 in his holiness;H6944 I will rejoice,H5937 I will divideH2505 Shechem,H7927 and mete outH4058 the valleyH6010 of Succoth.H5523


The word, to METE OUT, means to MEASURE.




Psalms 60:6 has a gematria = 2072 which as a Greek Strong’s is first found:


2424 Verses from the End   (Greek Strong’s # 2424 = Jesus)

1Cor 13:12

ForG1063 nowG737 we seeG991 throughG1223 a glass,G2072 G1722darkly;G135 butG1161 thenG5119 faceG4383 toG4314 face:G4383 nowG737 I knowG1097 inG1537 part;G3313 butG1161 thenG5119 shall I knowG1921 even asG2531 alsoG2532 I am known.G1921


Isa 60:6 has a gematria = 4247 which as a Hebrew Strong’s is ONLY found:


Isa 2:19

And they shall goH935 into the holesH4631 of the rocks,H6697 and into the cavesH4247 of the earth,H6083 forH6440 fearH6343 of the LORD,H3068 and for the gloryH1926 of his majesty,H1347 when he arisethH6965 to shake terriblyH6206 the earth.H776


606 x 4 = 2424


Greek Strong’s # 2424 = Jesus

Hebrew Strong’s # 2424 = Living


606 x 3 = 1818


Hebrew Strong’s # 1818 = Blood


Joel 2:31

The sunH8121 shall be turnedH2015 into darkness,H2822 and the moonH3394 into blood,H1818 beforeH6440 the greatH1419 and the terribleH3372 dayH3117 of the LORDH3068 come.H935


I was curious… what if I were to apply standards of Inches to the Foot of Grace?


Hebrew Strong’s # 2580 = Grace


2580 / 12 = 215


Hebrew Strong’s # 215 = to give Light

Greek Strong’s # 215 = which cannot be uttered


215 Verses from Mal 4:6

Zech 4:7

Who [art] thou, O greatH1419 mountain?H2022 beforeH6440 ZerubbabelH2216 [thou shalt become] a plain:H4334 and he shall bring forthH3318 the headstoneH7222 H68 [thereof with] shoutings,H8663 [crying], Grace,H2580 graceH2580 unto it.


Seeing TWO Graces, then also 2 x 215 = 430


Hebrew Strong’s # 430 = God  (Elohim)


Perhaps there is rhyme and reason to:


Exod 12:41

And it came to pass at the endH7093 of the fourH702 hundredH8141 H3967 and thirtyH7970 years,H8141 even the selfsameH6106 dayH3117 it came to pass, that all the hostsH6635 of the LORDH3068 went outH3318 from the landH776 of Egypt.H4714


By chance… could it be that the SELFSAME DAY we SEE God’s BREADTH in the scriptures that we will also be delivered of the land of Egypt?


Hebrew Strong’s # 776 = Land

Hebrew Strong’s # 4714 = Egypt


776 + 4714 = 5490


Eccl 3:11

He hath madeH6213 every [thing] beautifulH3303 in his time:H6256 also he hath setH5414 the worldH5769 in their heart,H3820 so thatH1097 no manH120 can find outH4672 the workH4639 that GodH430 makethH6213 from the beginningH7218 to the end.H5490


Don’t forget… Hebrew Strong’s # 2580 = Grace


NT Verse # 2581 has a Gematria = 5490

Luke 18:37

AndG1161 they toldG518 him,G846 thatG3754 JesusG2424 of NazarethG3480 passeth by.G3928



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