Wade Balzer (14 Dec 2010)
"[Revelation2217] Bread of Sorrow...Bread of Resurrection"


On August 6, 2010 at the Southwest Believer’s Convention, Kenneth Copeland prophesied,


Feed on My word; not on the bread of sorrow. Feed on My word. Look in My face.”


Honestly, the reason that I picked this phrase in his whole prophecy is because I noticed an unusual inclusion of the words, “not on the bread of sorrow.”   The reason it is unusual is because the bread of sorrow is the unleavened bread of the Lord’s Supper.  It is also called the bread of affliction, or the bread of tears.   I certainly am not saying that Copeland is wrong, especially if these are words that came from God, because there is a sorrow that is needless.  However, little is understood about the true bread of sorrow.


Rarely when we have partaken of the Lord’s Supper, have we eaten bread of sorrow because we have distanced ourselves from the meaning.  In fact, I have never heard of this message preached.  Yes, we have eaten unleavened bread, Matzah, or have broken the circular wafer in honor of the body of Christ being broken, and yet we ourselves as the body of Christ have not been broken.   And because WE have not eaten the bread of sorrow and have been broken, have we eaten of the bread WITH Christ?   Have we drank of the fruit of the vine WITH Christ.   Yes, we have drank of the grape juice of various color, or wine in some churches, but have we truly drank of the same cup WITH Christ.


John 18:11

ThenG3767 saidG2036 JesusG2424 unto Peter,G4074 Put upG906 thyG4675 swordG3162 intoG1519 the sheath:G2336 the cupG4221 whichG3739 myG3588 FatherG3962 hath givenG1325 me,G3427 shall IG846 notG3756 G3361drinkG4095 it?G846


Look at the 1811 in the reference… follow that path to the Strong’s…


Job 16:20

My friendsH7453 scornH3887 me: [but] mine eyeH5869 poureth outH1811 [tears] unto God.H433


It is through this path of tears that the eyes are opened.   There is a reason that God will wipe away the tears when you see Him.


3444 Verses from Mal 4:6  (6969 Verses from Esther 2:7)

Jer 31:9

They shall comeH935 with weeping,H1065 and with supplicationsH8469 will I leadH2986 them: I will cause them to walkH3212 by the riversH5158 of watersH4325 in a straightH3477 way,H1870 wherein they shall not stumble:H3782 for I am a fatherH1 to Israel,H3478 and EphraimH669 [is] my firstborn.H1060


Notice the breadth from Esther 2:7 to Jeremiah 31:9 to Malachi 4:6


Hebrew Strong’s # 6969 = to lament, to mourn

Hebrew Strong’s # 3444 = salvation


Hebrew Strong’s # 3443 = Jeshua  (Hebrew of Jesus)


Look at this word, 6969, meaning Lament…  It is a BREAD of SORROW, and when this bread is broken…


NT Verse # 69

Matt 4:4

ButG1161 he answeredG611 and said,G2036 It is written,G1125 ManG444 shallG2198 notG3756 liveG2198 byG1909 breadG740 alone,G3441 butG235 byG1909 everyG3956 wordG4487 that proceedethG1607 outG1223 of the mouthG4750 of God.G2316


69 Verses from the End of the Bible

Rev 19:15

AndG2532 out ofG1537 hisG846 mouthG4750 goethG1607 a sharpG3691 sword,G4501 thatG2443 withG1722 itG846 he should smiteG3960 the nations:G1484 andG2532 heG846 shall ruleG4165 themG846 withG1722 a rodG4464 of iron:G4603 andG2532 heG846 treadethG3961 the winepressG3025 G3588 G3631of the fiercenessG3588 G2372 andG2532 wrathG3588 G3709 of AlmightyG3588 G3841 God.G3588 G2316


If you look closely, you will see this picture being echoed in the verse references, though not necessarily obvious.


Gen 6:9

These [are] the generationsH8435 of Noah:H5146 NoahH5146 was a justH6662 manH376 [and] perfectH8549 in his generations,H1755 [and] NoahH5146 walkedH1980 with God.H430


Matt 6:9

After this mannerG3779 thereforeG3767 prayG4336 ye:G5210 OurG2257 FatherG3962 which artG3588 inG1722 heaven,G3772 Hallowed beG37 thyG4675 name.G3686




Gen 35:19

And RachelH7354 died,H4191 and was buriedH6912 in the wayH1870 to EphrathH672, which [is] Beth–lehem.H1035


Ephrath is the place of ashes, broken dreams, and sorrow.  The Hebrew word, EPhR, is Ashes.   This place became the House of BREADBethlehem.


You can see this word in Ephraim…


Gen 41:52

And the nameH8034 of the secondH8145 calledH7121 he Ephraim:H669 For GodH430 hath caused me to be fruitfulH6509 in the landH776 of my affliction.H6040


Notice the reference 4152 in relationship to the Strong’s…


Greek Strong’s # 4151 = Spirit

Greek Strong’s # 4152 = Spiritual


Watch the answer of God through the fabric of scripture…


4151 Verses from the End of the Bible

Acts 2:1

AndG2532 whenG4845 the dayG2250 of PentecostG4005 was fully come,G4845 theyG846 wereG2258 allG537 with one accordG3661 inG1722 one place.G1909


There is one place in scripture that actually uses the term, BREAD OF SORROWS.   However, its inclusion in the text is easily misunderstood.


Ps 127:1

<A SongH7892 of degreesH4609 for Solomon.>H8010 Except the LORDH3068 buildH1129 the house,H1004 they labourH5998 in vainH7723 that buildH1129 it: except the LORDH3068 keepH8104 the city,H5892 the watchmanH8104 wakethH8245 [but] in vain.H7723


Ps 127:2

[It is] vainH7723 for you to rise upH6965 early,H7925 to sit upH3427 late,H309 to eatH398 the breadH3899 of sorrows:H6089 [for] so he givethH5414 his belovedH3039 sleep.H8142


The context is… EXCEPT THE LORD… it is vain to eat the bread of sorrows.   It is not saying it is in vain to eat the bread of sorrows because it would be a contradiction with the whole of scripture.


Look at the number in the reference… 1272 and follow its path to the Greek Strong’s # 1272 = be opened.


Mark 7:34

AndG2532 looking upG308 toG1519 heaven,G3772 he sighed,G4727 andG2532 saithG3004 unto him,G846 Ephphatha,G2188 thatG3739 is,G2076 Be opened.G1272


Notice the closeness of the word, Ephphatha to the word, Ephrath, the place of the House of Bread.   You will see that when God speaks, His Voice, penetrates every dimension in perfection.  


Follow the Greek Strong’s # 2188 = Ephphatha to the Hebrew Strong’s # 2188 = Sweat.


Gen 3:19

In the sweatH2188 of thy faceH639 shalt thou eatH398 bread,H3899 tillH5704 thou returnH7725 unto the ground;H127 for out of it wast thou taken:H3947 for dustH6083 thouH859 [art], and unto dustH6083 shalt thou return.H7725


Notice the Hebrew Strong’s # 127 = Ground.    Which ground?


Gen 1:27

So GodH430 createdH1254 manH120 in his [own] image,H6754 in the imageH6754 of GodH430 createdH1254 he him; maleH2145 and femaleH5347 createdH1254 he them.


Do you see the GROUND in the reference of Gen 1:27?   Which GROUND are you made of?


Book 1:2:7   < do you see the Ground in the BCV (Book Chapter Verse) number?

Gen 2:7

And the LORDH3068 GodH430 formedH3335 manH120 [of] the dustH6083 ofH4480 the ground,H127 and breathedH5301 into his nostrilsH639 the breathH5397 of life;H2416 and manH120 became a livingH2416 soul.H5315


Numeric Spelling of “BCV” = 2322    B=2 C=3 V=22


NT Verse # 2322

Luke 12:7

ButG235 evenG2532 theG3588 G2359 very hairsG2359 ofG3588 G2776 yourG5216 headG2776 areG705 allG3956 numbered.G705 FearG5399 notG3361 therefore:G3767 ye are of more valueG1308 thanG4765 manyG4183 sparrows.G4765


Do you see the ground in Luke 1:27?


Do you know that the first verse that has a Hebrew Gematria = 2322 is:


Exod 33:20

And he said,H559 Thou canstH3201 not seeH7200 my face:H6440 for there shall no manH120 seeH7200 me, and live.H2425


In whose IMAGE are we created?   In which GROUND did we receive the breath of life?


Notice the first mention of the Hebrew Strong’s # 2912 = ground:


Verse # 2459

Exod 32:20

And he tookH3947 the calfH5695 which they had made,H6213 and burntH8313 [it] in the fire,H784 and groundH2912 [it] to powder,H1854 and strawedH2219 [it] uponH6440 the water,H4325 and made the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 drinkH8248 [of it].


Follow the path of the Verse position to the Webster’s..


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 2459 = Mouth


Mouth to Mouth is how God spoke to Moses.


2459 Verses from end the Bible

1Cor 12:8

G3303ForG1063 to oneG3739 is givenG1325 byG1223 the SpiritG4151 the wordG3056 of wisdom;G4678 to anotherG243 G1161the wordG3056 of knowledgeG1108 byG2596 the sameG846 Spirit;G4151


Look at this BREAD of TEARS.


1827 Verses from Esther 2:7

Ps 42:3

My tearsH1832 have been my meatH3899 dayH3119 and night,H3915 while they continuallyH3117 sayH559 unto me, Where [is] thy God?H430


Notice the breadth of 1827 Verses from Esther 2:7 to Psalms 42:3 and follow to the Strong’s…


1Kgs 19:12

And afterH310 the earthquakeH7494 a fire;H784 [but] the LORDH3068 [was] not in the fire:H784 and afterH310 the fireH784 a stillH1827 smallH1851 voice.H6963


When you eat the bread of tears…


Hebrew Strong’s # 3899 = Bread

Hebrew Strong’s # 1832 = Tears


3899 + 1832 = 5731


Hebrew Strong’s # 5731 = Eden


2799 Verses from Esther 2:7

Ps 102:9

For I have eatenH398 ashesH665 like bread,H3899 and mingledH4537 my drinkH8249 with weeping,H1065


Notice the breadth of 2799 Verses from Esther 2:7 to Psalms 102:9.


Greek Strong’s # 2799 = Weeping


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 2799 = Myrtle


You may not see the connection between weeping and the myrtle tree unless I explain.   If you noticed that many of the distances that I have measured from is from Esther 2:7 which is the only mention of the name Hadassah who is Esther.  The Jews refer to the book of Esther as the book of the Hidden Face of God.   God is completely hidden in the book and has to be noticed to be seen.  In the same way, most will never notice God until they see Him.  However the pure in heart NOTICE God in order to SEE Him.  Purim, a celebration in the book of Esther is celebrated with Masks as a picture of God’s Hidden Face.   This is important.


Hebrew Strong’s # 1918 = Myrtle

Hebrew Strong’s # 1919 = Hadassah


The Arabian Myrtle is the Myrrh Tree whose hardened tears are crushed and ground to powder in order for its fragrance to rise.


Notice the first mention of ASHES in scripture.


Verse # 452

Gen 18:27

And AbrahamH85 answeredH6030 and said,H559 Behold now, I have taken upon meH2974 to speakH1696 unto the Lord,H136 whichH595 [am but] dustH6083 and ashes:H665


Notice again the 1827 in the Reference…


1Kgs 19:12

And afterH310 the earthquakeH7494 a fire;H784 [but] the LORDH3068 [was] not in the fire:H784 and afterH310 the fireH784 a stillH1827 smallH1851 voice.H6963


Notice the Verse # 452 points to…


Hebrew Strong’s # 452 = Elijah


Again… the importance of the Bread of Affliction is the very reason for the Unleavened Bread.


Deut 16:3

Thou shalt eatH398 no leavened breadH2557 with it; sevenH7651 daysH3117 shalt thou eatH398 unleavened breadH4682 therewith, [even] the breadH3899 of affliction;H6040 for thou camest forthH3318 out of the landH776 of EgyptH4714 in haste:H2649 that thou mayest rememberH2142 the dayH3117 when thou camest forthH3318 out of the landH776 of EgyptH4714 all the daysH3117 of thy life.H2416


Notice the reference…in proximity to 1827 the “still small voice”.


2Chr 18:26

And say,H559 Thus saithH559 the king,H4428 PutH7760 this [fellow] in the prison,H3608 H1004 and feedH398 him with breadH3899 of afflictionH3906 and with waterH4325 of affliction,H3906 until I returnH7725 in peace.H7965


You will see this echo in the Passover…


Verse # 1826-1827

Exod 12:9

EatH398 not of it raw,H4995 nor soddenH1311 H1310 at all with water,H4325 but roastH6748 [with] fire;H784 his headH7218 with his legs,H3767 and with the purtenanceH7130 thereof.

Exod 12:10

And ye shall let nothing of it remainH3498 until the morning;H1242 and that which remainethH3498 of it until the morningH1242 ye shall burnH8313 with fire.H784


Here is my point….


Hebrew Strong’s # 3899 = Bread

Hebrew Strong’s # 6040 = Affliction


3899 + 6040 = 9939


Webster’s Word # 9939 = Clear-Sightedness


Notice how Clear-Sightedness is echoed….


Isa 30:20

And [though] the LordH136 giveH5414 you the breadH3899 of adversity,H6862 and the waterH4325 of affliction,H3906 yet shall not thy teachersH3384 be removed into a cornerH3670 any more, but thine eyesH5869 shall seeH7200 thy teachers:H3384


Hebrew Strong’s # 3899 = Bread

Hebrew Strong’s # 3906 = Affliction


3899 + 3906 = 7805


Hebrew Strong’s # 7805 = to see as a piercing ray


Again CLEAR-SIGHTEDNESS is being portrayed…


Job 20:9

The eyeH5869 also [which] sawH7805 him shall [see him] no more;H3254 neither shall his placeH4725 any more beholdH7789 him.


Job 28:7

[There is] a pathH5410 which no fowlH5861 knoweth,H3045 and which the vulture'sH344 eyeH5869 hath not seen:H7805


|<-- Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionary --->|

|<--- 7805 Entries --->|<--- 6493 Entries --->|


Hebrew Strong’s # 7805 = to see as a piercing ray

Hebrew Strong’s # 6493 = clear sighted, seeing, wise


NT Verse # 6493  (Gematria = 1827)

1Thess 5:16

RejoiceG5463 evermore.G3842


Notice the echo of 1827 (Still Small Voice) in the Gematria.


Notice that 6493 is the reverse of the number 3946.


Book 39:4:6

Mal 4:6

And he shall turnH7725 the heartH3820 of the fathersH1 to the children,H1121 and the heartH3820 of the childrenH1121 to their fathers,H1 lest I comeH935 and smiteH5221 the earthH776 with a curse.H2764



Hebrew Strong’s # 3899 = Bread

Hebrew Strong’s # 6862 = Adversity


3899 + 6862 = 10761


Sadly… John 6:66 has a gematria = 10761.


Verse # 26324  (NT Book 4:6:66)

John 6:66

FromG1537 thatG5127 [time] manyG4183 ofG3101 hisG846 disciplesG3101 wentG565 back,G1519 G3694andG2532 walkedG4043 no moreG3765 withG3326 him.G846


Most people will see the 666 in the verse reference and conclude its meaning.   There is more to this than meets the eye.  I will paint the picture….


Look at the NT BCV = 4666


Greek Strong’s # 4666 = Myrrh


Remember that myrrh’s fragrance comes from the crushed tears of the Arabian Myrtle.


The Verse # 26324 is actually a picture of 6324.


6324 Verses from Mal 4:6

Prov 15:13

A merryH8056 heartH3820 maketh a cheerfulH3190 countenance:H6440 but by sorrowH6094 of the heartH3820 the spiritH7307 is broken.H5218


6324 Verses from Esther 2:7

Jer 4:28

For this shall the earthH776 mourn,H56 and the heavensH8064 aboveH4605 be black:H6937 because I have spokenH1696 [it], I have purposedH2161 [it], and will not repent,H5162 neither will I turn backH7725 from it.


Remember why the people were offended and no longer followed?   It wasn’t because they understood.   It was because they didn’t understand.  They didn’t have the eyes to follow Him even unto death, and were offended because he said.


John 6:55

ForG1063 myG3450 fleshG4561 isG2076 meatG1035 indeed,G230 andG2532 myG3450 bloodG129 isG2076 drinkG4213 indeed.G230


Webster’s Word # 6324 = Blood-Thirsty


This brings me back to…


6324 Verses from the End of the Bible

Mark 14:23

AndG2532 he tookG2983 the cup,G4221 and when he had given thanks,G2168 he gaveG1325 [it] to them:G846 andG2532 theyG4095 allG3956 drankG4095 ofG1537 it.G846


This is all metaphor in a sense and pictures within pictures…


Matt 20:22

ButG1161 JesusG2424 answeredG611 and said,G2036 Ye knowG1492 notG3756 whatG5101 ye ask.G154 Are ye ableG1410 to drinkG4095 of the cupG3588 G4221 thatG3739 IG1473 shallG3195 drink of,G4095 andG2532 to be baptizedG907 with the baptismG3588 G908 thatG3739 IG1473 am baptized with?G907 They sayG3004 unto him,G846 We are able.G1410


Take a moment and understand the words of Christ.


Matt 26:29

ButG1161 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 G3361I willG4095 G3754notG3756 drinkG4095 G575henceforthG737 ofG1537 thisG5127 fruitG1081 of the vine,G3588 G288 untilG2193 thatG1565 dayG3588 G2250 whenG3752 I drinkG4095 itG846 newG2537 withG3326 youG5216 inG1722 myG3450 Father'sG3588 G3962 kingdom.G3588 G932


Remember that WINE was made from the CRUSHING of GRAPES.   ANOINTING OIL from the CRUSHING of OLIVES.   To call Jesus the CHRIST, the MESSIAH, we are declaring that He was CRUSHED.   Therefore the picture of being GROUND to FLOUR is the same.   You cannot make bread without the kernels first being ground.


To DRINK of the cup WITH CHRIST, and to EAT of the bread WITH CHRIST, WE are the reflection of His Death until He comes.   The elements are the pictures that we become.


199 Verses to the End

Rev 12:11

AndG2532 theyG846 overcameG3528 himG846 byG1223 the bloodG129 of the Lamb,G3588 G721 andG2532 byG1223 the wordG3588 G3056 of theirG846 testimony;G3588 G3141 andG2532 they lovedG25 notG3756 theirG846 livesG3588 G5590 untoG891 the death.G2288


Greek Strong’s # 199 = Perfect


Verse # 199    (Book 1:8:15)

Gen 8:15

And GodH430 spakeH1696 unto Noah,H5146 saying,H559


Greek Strong’s # 1815 = Resurrection


Referring back to what Kenneth Copeland said…

“…Feed on My word. Look in My face.”


Numeric Spelling 6553 = Feed


6553 Verses from Mal 4:6

Prov 7:15

Therefore came I forthH3318 to meetH7125 thee, diligently to seekH7836 thy face,H6440 and I have foundH4672 thee.


6553 Verses from the End

Mark 9:9

AndG1161 asG2597 they came downG846 fromG575 the mountain,G3735 he chargedG1291 themG846 thatG2443 they should tellG1334 no manG3367 what thingsG3739 they had seen,G1492 tillG1487 G3361 G3752 the SonG5207 of manG444 were risenG450 fromG1537 the dead.G3498


Webster’s Vol 1 Word # 21062 = Feed

Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 21062 = Timeless


21062 Verses from the End

2Kgs 18:15

And HezekiahH2396 gaveH5414 [him] all the silverH3701 that was foundH4672 in the houseH1004 of the LORD,H3068 and in the treasuresH214 of the king'sH4428 house.H1004


Do you see what happens when you FEED on the WORD?   Look at the verse reference and see the treasure in the mouth of GOD.


Greek Strong’s # 1815 = Resurrection

Hebrew Strong’s # 3899 = Bread


1815 + 3899 = 5714


NT Verse # 5714   (2243 Verses from the End)

2Cor 3:17

NowG1161 the LordG2962 isG2076 that Spirit:G4151 andG1161 whereG3757 the SpiritG4151 of the LordG2962 [is], thereG1563 [is] liberty.G1657


Following the breadth of 2243 Verses from the End


Greek Strong’s # 2243 = Elijah

Hebrew Strong’s # 5715 = Witness



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