Virginia Arnke (14 Dec 2010)
"'DANCING WITH JESUS'...RECEIVED BY STAR ON  12/9/10....posted bhy Virginia A 12/13/10"


This was given to me..Star on 12/9/2010

DREAM: I had a dream this morning. This had to be after the rapture and after Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

Jesus and all of His brothers were dressed in white tuxedos with tails. Jesus has long dark hair with olive complexion because I saw His hand. I did not see His face. All the sisters were dressed in lovely dresses in the colors of a rainbow. For example, some ladies were dressed in different shades of purple and some in different shades of green, etc.

We all danced to Vienna very elegant!! Each sister danced with Jesus. When you danced with Jesus, you and Jesus rose up above the others and danced among the stars. Then when you came back down another sister took your place with Jesus and you danced with a waiting partner.