Vicki (28 Dec 2010)
"Just a thought"


Hi John and Doves,
 Merry Christmas!!!
I was in Awe at the beautiful sunrise this morning, God painted His sky with an Amazing array of pink and blue.(which reminds me of His children.... His girls and boys)
A local meteorologist once mentioned that the coldest overnight temperature generally happens right before sunrise. This got me thinking about what is going on in the world today!!! Snow in New Zealand,( it's summer there) snow in the southern states of the U.S.,parts of Europe are experiencing unbearable cold and snow, Russia is freezing, a blizzard is attacking the New England states and the list goes on.
So.....I was wondering, could the world be experiencing"the coldest overnight temperature just before SON RISE"
Hmmmmm......I wonder!!!

Looking forward to the SON RISE,