Vicki (18 Dec 2010)
"Steve W re: Solstice Lunar Eclipse & The Spirit World (NOTICE THE 11's !!!)"


Hi Steve,
 Thanks for your post. The parts that really got me were the "hidden" 11's. Even though the article never mentioned the 11's, they were there.
The  article says the total lunar eclipse will be at 29 degrees Gemini.(Although I don't know what that means) And that it will occur at 3:17 A.M. EST.
Now for the 11's......29 degrees- 2+9=11, Gemini (the twins) can be seen as two individuals standing side by side -11-(like the twin towers), this will occur at 3:17-3+1+7=11....... What this all means, I don't know.. But the 11's keep showing up all over the place.
Also, did you here about the Christmas Tree in Dubai? It cost 11 million dollars!!! (why 11?) One more thing, Christmas Day this year = 11. 12-25-10...1+2+2+5+1+0=11!!!
"God, please help us understand what You are trying to show us"