Veronica (18 Dec 2010)
"Regarding 888 & His coming confirmation"

December 17, 2010

Regarding 888 & His coming confirmation 

This is my first email to Fivedoves although I read mostly everyday.

After reading Nando's
letter, I thought I should share my experience.

I like to share that on the 2nd of Dec, Feast of Dedication day, I woke up
exactly at Sunset time of Israel which I was so surprise to 
as well as last license plate which was in front of me on my way back home that day was EHF 888.

as well as knowing that Feast of Dedication fire at Carmel mountain [1King18] starting this day being
such a prophetic [Isaiah 33:9] (- fired place names are all mentioned reference:
I thought this fire has special message.

On 15th December when I prayed to Lord to give me a confirmation whether He is coming back this year, 
I heard  about Christmas Islands tragedy and also it reminded me of ChristChurch earthquake which I believe
message is related.

As well as fellow Christian sister mention about 
that her daughter had a vision from Lord that He is coming before Christmas (although year wasn't specified)

Whenever I had rapture related dream, I always was with my daughter,
my daughter doesn't come back home until 22nd December this year. (her flight is dated 22nd Dec) - unless Lord intervene to change her schedule.

All this signs considers me the possible window from 22-25 December (before Christmas) 
for this year (considering all the vision, dream, sign is truly coming from Lord) rapture.

Well we'll find out very SOON!

Keep looking up and its time for us to be on our knees!

Veronica PSTimezone