Tina A (8 Dec 2010)
"To John Tng"

Dear John,

I to, was doubting myself to post you about your post on September 10th, about all your connections to The man that prophesies and had a vision of 2 wedding rings joining in the sky on Nov. 1st, 2006. (By the way, Your post is off line every where, now that I want to go back and re-read it ? It is OK if you re-moved it. I understand. But I have searched every where for The man Dr. Owuor . And your post. I am so mad at myself that, I did not write you, RIGHT at that moment ! Because my thoughts and surprises were fresh ! I am sorry ?) Soooo ..When I read your post in Sept., for fun, I found my old 2006 Diary. (I am obsessed with diary writing, it is my hobbie) What I found will shock you ! ? And why I was afraid to write to you -THIS Sept. right away. Is because I have been on 5 doves for so, so, long that I was embarrassed that I may of posted you already, years ago, in 2006 ??  But here goes (maybe again ?)

November 1st, 2006

"I had a dream that I went on 5-Doves last night and John Tng showed pictures of a Camera (Like a 80s or 90s Cannon big black type) I said "Oh watch and see !" and a egg. (?). Then the  # 5+2 = 7." (end).

So I was Shocked because I have NEVER had a dream before or after about you, John. Or 5-doves? And so on Sept 10th when you had all that inspiration , I thought it was WILD that it was for that day and the dream was connected to YOU. Then connected to Oct. 25. Which was the numbers, I did see. This is true. ( I wonder if the "Pause" in heaven, in Revelation, is after the 5....Then the last 2, making the total 7 years ??)  So I had dismissed it all these years because it was non-sensible to me. But When you wrote yesterday about the fleece of yours and that you had a egg... (mentioning your breakfast was the key hehehe) flashed me back to This October, When I, for fun (thinking still about the dream connected to you) Threw out to my family the question : "What is the VERY first word or Idea that comes to your mind when I show you this drawing (I drew a solid egg like in the dream)
1. I thought "women' (eeek (=)
2. Shell
3. Bird & Eternal Life
4. Chick
5. Oval
None of them heard the other's answer's.

So I just wanted to encourage you, after your 50th Birthday, To not be discouraged about the Oct. 25th. Everything is pointing to  ???
And we all here on your site are trying to put the riddle's and puzzle together ? It is a mystery. I do NOT know what it all means or how it all connects ? But I did finally want to share this with you, for you now, to take what you think of it and theorize (= ?
Sorry, I took so long ? We all, I think are cautious of supernatural things happening to us. Thinking other's won't believe ? (=

Tina Abrams
Thanks, Tina!
I don't believe you posted the dream before. I could not find it in my archive.