Tina A (8 Dec 2010)
"To Chris K."

To Chris, again, sorry...

Thank you for taking time to write your story. and answering me. So were there 2 crescent moons and 2 full moon's making 4, in the sky above the North ? I didn't understand that the first time ? Maybe I am "getting it wrong" ?  I wanted to tell you that your story is fascinating. And God has a special plan for all your sorrow's and pains and past. Not wasting any of them. To put together when you decided to follow him 100 % for us here at 5 doves (hehehehe) and for helping put the Mosaic puzzle of all these mystery's together. I Love art to and Have always thought this "painting" is a Mosaic, that is hard to see now (on earth) But will be beautiful when it is all finished in Heaven. When we can stand back and "SEE" it clearly ! All of our fingerprints will be part of it. Thank you for joining us here. I think here, at 5 doves, we are a unique group, that do have SO many un-explainable, supernatural, experiences (even very dark like you said of your journey) that make us feel different from every day "enjoyer's of this Life ? We all want The ever AFTER life (If you know what I mean ?) The end, to this suffering and sinful world and a new beginning in Heaven and The New Earth. When Jesus will finally reign perfect ! So you are among "Understander"s". Dreamer's, scientist's, Artist's, math, musicians, Dad's & Mom's, every day people with life experiences, that make us live in the spirit world more closely. (But in a good way, I hope ?)  It is hard. So we have each other (yea !!) Soooo.......I am blabbing. Yes. When you had that Seizure at that mans house in your story, That was scary that you had never had one before ? It almost sounded like a demonic attack. Didn't it ? But the most wonderful words came to you from it. To carry you through the rest of your Life. What the Doctor said "That you seemed very much like Jesus to him" !!! Wow, Awesome ! Are you a young 50s,  with long hair and a beard ? (just kidding) or do you think he meant you seemed peaceful ? The last thought for you to take with you from me, is I thought of the 66 days leading up to the vision ? And things happening to you. Maybe preparing you for your next stage in Life ? I thought of the 66 books of the Bible. Wouldn't it be COOL, if your intensity drawing those pictures for those 66 day's was somehow in the spirit world, going back through time ...through the present- to The future or the end of Revelation ? That you in a way, (Like the prophets of old. God told to do many creative object lessons for the Israelites to see a point ) You were fighting in a invisible battle, as a warrior, with your thoughts and Drawings, for Lost people from Genesis to Revelation's ? People drowning ? Sometimes when we go through battles we do not understand all around us. What we can not see going on ? But God is using us in HIS ways to fight, supernaturally. Then we crash. Sometimes into depression. Or weariness like one who has just run a marathon ? I am not good at explaining my thoughts. I am sorry. I hope I am making a little sense, because I really feel like I wanted to share all this with you ? And I don't know why ?

Years ago I had a favorite song on a David Crowder Band CD called "Deliver me". One day on YouTube, I fell onto a Awesome video with That famous beautiful India lady. She was dancing in a brown and white video to this song. But the singer was Sarah Brightman. Her voice singing this song is hauntingly beautiful. In that video (that was dis-abled by you tube.) She was in a dry cracked desert. and over her through the whole song was a Eclipse.  Then Just now...I was looking for it to send to 5 doves for everyone. And Sarah B. video's of it now, are all at a live show called "La LUNAR "(Moon ) Weird.?..So the first was a Sun eclipse and this song is to a "Moon" ? (which has nothing to do with the song's word's ?) (hehehehe) So I don't want to send to 5-doves her video because everyone may think the dancing creepy ?
So I will send the David C. version. You can watch the other if you want ?


Tina Abrams