Tina A (6 Dec 2010)
"To Chris K. About vision ?"

Hi Chris,
I have a question about your 1993 vision ? Please try to find time to
respond ? I know you may not even know the answer ? My Question is
when you looked into the sky seeing the 2 moons, you said your body
became petrified, filled with fear . I couldn't sleep all night
wondering why ?? Do you have a theory, or feeling as to why ? And do
you remember what day or month it was that year ? The thoughts that
first came to me were, The Harvest was ready . Right ? Did something
happen in the spiritual realms that stopped Jesus return ? Was there a
un holy union made ? That changed something ? ( The 2 different moons
?) Because why were you terrified ? Something in the North ? Because
the next thing I thought of was the crescent moon is the Muslim symbol
? It is a very mysterious vision ?

Curious -Tina Abrams

I wanted to add, that I had copied off your other post / Eclispe/ dream you
had in Nov. It was posted on 5 doves Nov.22.