Tina A (29 Dec 2010)
"Woman of Rev. 12"

Dear 5-Doves,

My sister in Law sent this Christmas card to our family this year because she thought it was really pretty. But it was NOT a traditional Christmas card about the nativity. Yes, The woman in Rev.12, is not a angel....But when I saw this card It made me so happy. Because it gave me a boost in my arm about "The Woman" About "The rapture" timing !! I wondered "Hey" ? What if the short info. about this woman is in chapter  12, 12 , 12  of Revelations ...Because it Could be pointing to 2012 ? Maybe that year we are raptured ? OR hidden away in a desert ? (Like In a syfy movie, we Christian's, are hidden in a glass bubble making us invisible ?? (hehehe).  So maybe 2008 or 2009 was the beginning of 7 years and 2012 is 1/2 way of the first 3 1/2 years we are raptured ? Then 2014 /15 being "The FINAL battle " ? Just some thoughts ?

Tina Abrams