Tina A (22 Dec 2010)
"To Barry Amundsen & Joe Till"


I loved your story and answer to Lydia, about how guy's feel.  It was so deep ! Male & Female role's. it is the most ancient of mystery's isn't it ?
Love ? I always tell my 21 year old daughter. Love can never be explained in a dictionary ! It is the greatest mystery from the beginning of time, that a girl meets a guy form totally different homes (which are like own personal culture's (=) and the two meet and they, out of the whole world draw to each other and LOVE one another ? Can break each other"s hearts if hurt, to the point of even physically getting sick or depressed ? How can any one explain this phenomena ? So I said it is a gift from God to you when someone falls in love with you. God puts love dust over you two !
No One in this world has to look at you and smile. Every time they do it is a little gift from God. It (Love) Is a miracle. For we are born very self centered being's, selfish ! To lay down our lives for another (literally or being kind, and serving) is NOT naturally in us. It really is what makes us human ! Love. It says in Peter somewhere..."That the Angel's long to look into these things" ? I wonder if that means "Why us humans do crazy things for Love"? How we long for God, their creator ? That we always are so relational ? I heard a long time ago, that when it says in Genesis "Adam knew his wife" (Yes people read that and know it means physically) But this pastor said "KNOW in the Greek or that word (???? Sorry I am not saying it literally) meant "Understood" her. I was so, so HAPPY and never forgot that ! Because to be understood by another person on this earth is SO meaningful. It is my greatest "Love Language" . To have a whole other human being REALLY "get what you are saying ? track with you, Not have to explain yourself 100 X's. Wow wouldn't that be every ones dream ??? Isn't MIS-understanding the greatest cause of fights ? So Adam & Eve (since they were pretty new & pure to the earth..) Understood-" KNEW" each other very well ! Were best friends ! man & women. Cool ! So, like you said the more we search and KNOW God, we SEE His personality also and SEE that HE created us and KNOWS us better than any person alive. KNOWS us, Understands us and still LOVES us !! We become so, so happy ! (There are so many "Knows us" verses, especially in the books of John) ! So that brings me to Joe's dream......It was just like a modern parable from the Bible. How God/ Jesus/The Holy Spirit really LOVE'S us !
Thank you for sharing. Wade Balzer sent this song a long time ago and I just want to pass it on. It is a Beautiful SONG of Solomon song ! One of my favorite verses made into a song !


Tina Abrams