Tina A (16 Dec 2010)
"To Suzi, Phil, Chris & Judy ..."

Those Tron outfits are incredible !!! It is the first sequel in 23
years. Pass on to your kids that they are amazing ! What fun ! I can't
wait to see that movie to !

Thank you for sending that photo ! I was so happy you read my post and
thought about it ? That made my day ! ( Can you imagine if Joeseph  &
Mary were rich and brought a bull ? Hehehe There was a purpose and
perfect plan that they brought 2 doves, that they didn't even know
either ? God puts His creative, mystery's through out the whole Bible
(=. )

Also perfect timing of sending your Beuatiful art work of Jonah !!! It
was COOL ! Amazing. You must of hesitated the first time for a reason
God alway's leads us into His "Timing" , For His special reasons. It
is wild when we look back over our days, or years It all comes
And we can start making sense of things . But it is hard to "see" the
finished painting or wait for it , when we are in the middle of it ? I
Wait to see it !!?

I live right near Aumsville in Oregon ! It is neat when I see others
who live around me here on 5-doves ! For some strange reason I never
think of 5-doves as real people near me... Like they are all far off
Angels. ( hehehehehe) !! So I pray with you and all of us here, that
Dreams/ vision's , come true SOON ?

In Him,
Tina Abrams