Tina A (14 Dec 2010)
"To Chris K."

I "dido" everything from Rowina and Yona's posts yesterday. Thank you so much for taking time again to write back to me about my questions and telling the Doves, more of your story. I was so worried on the 10th when you hadn't responded, that you may of taken my comment about Jesus "looks" as being sarcastic. And were offended ? So I am glad you commented on that specific question. I really DID mean it as a compliment ! I just was guessing, because you said you were a artist, (yes stereo type, But one that I like !) and the comment that the Doctor told you. Who Knows ? Maybe you DID look like what the Doctor pictured -Jesus- to look like ? (=

About that song, "Deliver me", Did youtube re-play it ? I am glad. (yes it is played allot to "Final Fantasy" animation's) I Love animation to. The artists never cease to amaze me in their characters looking so real ! and moving so perfectly. I have teenage boy's that sit and draw story cartoon's, for hours and hours. (I did that to "once upon a time" as a young teenage girl) So they are the ones that showed me Final Fantasy. No I do not let them watch or see just "any". I just like the artwork.

Yes, I will take you up on looking into the Pastor's you told us about.

Thank you, Again

Tina Abrams