Tina A (13 Dec 2010)
"To Doves !"

Welcome Christina R. 1st of all to the web site. I wanted to tell you that the video you sent of David Icke's, sent shivers down my arm. It was wild ! Which led me Right after when it was finished to... Chris K.
YouTube always puts up "next video" showing, to click on for viewer's . It literally showed in the picture a "Polyhedron" . So I clicked it on. It is just showing Tons of Polyhedron's all over Wash.. DC. But I had never heard of them before, until your Nov. 22cnd post ( I guess you could say, I mean, I did not know what those shapes were called ?) It just played to music.

So, 5-Dove's, the other night my husband was reading part of the Christmas story to our family for advent. About Joesph and Mary bringing there sacrifice to the Temple of 2 DOVES. Being poor.
Yes !!! I have heard that all my life. But it screamed out to me ! Dedicating Jesus on the 8th day to be circumcised with a offering of 2 DOVES. So It triggered something familiar about the 12 day's of Christmas song ...." 2 turtle Doves"?.. I ran to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me and found a paper in my Christmas song book, as to the meaning's of the 12 days song. It said , Yes ! 2 Turtle Doves, stood for the OT & NT . !!! Wow the GOD of the Old T. joined with The God of the New T. Making up the ONE true God when put together in the Bible. They are One ! Always.
All these 1s and 11s, as always- 11 is 2 separate "ones" looking like TWINS next to each other. Making 2. So I always think of 2 doves as twins or soul mates, together being One !! Dove's connected to Love. I do not know why ? So that post of up side down or Satan always turning things around is right. It is messed up of SOMETHING that God meant as beautiful and good. Doves. I never knew the illuminate cared about doves too. AAAHHH Just leave God alone !  Doesn't God get tired of them, messing with His creation ? So as a side thought...? Wouldn't it be Hilarious if 2000 years ago when Jesus said the only sign that will be given to you (about when I return ) Is the sign of Jonah. "Jonah" which means "DOVE" hmmmmmm? That us here at 5-DOVE'S will be a threat and a unique army in the end times for OUR Lord ??! (hehehehehe wishful dreaming)

Tina Abrams