Tina A (13 Dec 2010)
"John Tng"

Guess what !?
I got on late last night (Friday the 10th) and saw your message about your I- Mac crashing. I have know Idea when yours did ? But yesterday, for the first time in 2 1/2 years at 1:30pm (because I looked at my clock) I had just sat down to get on my e-mail and sites and MY I mac froze ! I tried everything. It would not work for HOUR'S ! I had to finally turn it off until evening.
When my kids came home from school it worked just fine and they thought I had done something wrong. They didn't believe me in other word's. So I am just curious what our time 1:30 pm Friday, in The Pacific N.West, USA , would of been in  your time ???  It would be weird. (The thought crossed my mind "secretly", that someone was trying to hack it right then, and God had me turn it off ?) But I know I-Mac's are suppose to be invincible (= ?

Tina Abrams
Hi Tina, mine is a MacBook Pro, not iMac. :(