Theo (16 Dec 2010)
"A prayer request for my wife Sylvia"

Dear Doves. 

I would like to ask for a prayer request for my wife Sylvia.

13 years ago (during her pregnancy of our second child), there was a dangerous situation and the hospital had to do an intervention in her arm.
After that intervention my wife gets thrombosis in this arm.
10 years later they did a surgery in order to relived her from the pain in her arm.
Unfortunately, this operation has not helped the situation it’s only worsened.
She has a lot of pain to and can not function properly.

We went to different hospitals but they don’t know how to help her.
We have put this in prayer to God but I ask you if you pray for her also that a solution should come to this problem.
Thank you if you wish to pray for her and God bless you.