Suzi (7 Dec 2010)
"To Linda H. Re: Princess Diana"

Hi Linda,

When Princess Diana came into the spotlight I was still a practicing witch. I thought that she was going to usher in a 'new era' in the spiritual realm. I thought that, being named for a goddess, and being worshipped as she was, I was sure she would be 'Queen' with or without Charles. I became a Christian soon after that, and never thought much more about it, especially as her life went and then she was killed (I do not believe her death was an accident).

You mentioned something about 'spells being cast over her' at the castle of the Queen? What was that about? I'd never heard that before. I know that Charles is really into 'New Age' religion, which, as any pagan/wiccan will tell you, is really 'the olde religion'. As most will tell you that they believe the 'first religion' was when Adam and Eve listened to the Serpent and followed their 'own path'. In a way that is true, because what they had was a 'relationship' with God, when they listened to Satan, that was where 'religion' came in.

Anyway, I'm curious about the 'spells' and Diana...because it falls right into line with what I felt all those years ago.