Suzi (6 Dec 2010)
"to Amy re Misc Responses"

Per your note in

My son, who is a physics whiz, has talked about how simple really the markings on the shroud are. He says the reason they are there, and the reasons they can't get a good 'reading' on the age of the fabric is because they were basically 'touched by eternity'. The markings are the result of a subatomic level 'blast'. Now I've often wondered what kind of physical event will happen when the 'dead in Christ rise'...even going so far as wondering what will happen to say, an animal which has eaten grass, that was fertilized with the remains of a dead Christian! *one of those morbid ponderings I admit*. Nothing is ever truly destroyed, only changed. So, every remnant of every living person is STILL HERE. In some other form, but their physical remains...REMAIN. Jesus was just newly 'dead' when he ressurected, and yet there was an earthquake and the markings left on the shroud to act as a silent witness to the cosmic event. What then, might this world experience when ALL those Christians through the ages suddenly are 'pieced back together' from the minute particles that they have become? That's where I see the 'sudden destruction' coming from. Not something manmade like a bomb (although I have no doubt we could very well do some damage of our own)...I think that the action of the Rapture, will cause it's own major event that cannot be denied (except of course by the AC and his supporters who will make up a story to cover the truth).

I had not really given any thought to those alive at the time of the Rapture and how it might affect those around them. I guess the only thing I can think of is, the 'change' we will experience will be in the 'twinkling of an eye' which my son tells me is an actual measurable amount of time ("eleven one-hundredths of a second."). Now, considering that the Bible tells us that two will be in the field together, one will be taken, the other left, or two sleeping side by side in bed and the same thing of one taken/one does not mention anything negative happening to those left. At least not that I know of (again, disclaimer, I am by no means anything close to a Bible scholar).

I can't help but think there will be some kind of reaction to the space around the 'lack of person'...but with the first wave of the dead in Christ rising, I'm thinking there will already be some major 'actions' taking place (earthquakes all over the world), and when the living 'change' in that 'twinkling', I think those left will be so bewildered and possibly even injured/killed in the resulting 'sudden destruction' that there will such a small number of 'eye witnesses' left, that it will be easy for the AC to create a story to cover up the truth of the Rapture. Of course, those who were raised in church or who are intelligent enough to have studied Christian belief, yet rejected it will have a 'light bulb' moment, and they will be the ones who will claim for Christ and have to struggle to hang on till they are either killed or otherwise delivered from the horrors that await them.

Off topic, but on...we also are told that a huge number of people will, at one point in our future history be killed/die...I think that this will be the result of the sudden destruction and ensuing chaos that follows. (think of the riots that have gone down over trivial things like sporting events or some thug's family getting a verdict in court they did not like). Can you imagine the riots/looting/murders that will take place when so many people disappear and the physical events of the 'dead in Christ' rising from their graves? Wow. Now, though, this will make it much easier for the AC to take control. There will be so few (by comparison to pre Rapture population) people to control, that a 'leader' will be sought after and welcomed. Scary.

All good reason why no one should want to be left behind.