Suzi (6 Dec 2010)
"Re: Bob W and the jets in our valley"

Just another voice to back Bob up in his assessment of our Valley weather and skies.

Yep, we've had insanely unseasonable weather. And yep, those contrails are always there. Some say we're just seeing them due to the 'off' weather...but I think it's a chicken/egg thing...I mean, are we seeing more because the weather is unnaturally warm then cold? Or is the weather acting like it is because they are spraying us with something?

The only upside to all this is the fact that my daughter, who has to drive about 23 miles each way to college hasn't had the bad fog we always get in the last few months of the year. The downside is, everyone I know is sick. Our allergies are totally insane, mostly cuz we never got 'fall', and I'm sure all the pollen/molds and such are just THERE. Then, with the cold snap and everyone all drainy and mucusy (sorry, made up words to describe iccky symptoms), our bodies can't fight any infection that wants to set in. Plus, they are still pushing the flu shot here! Which, most people don't know is a combo shot of the regular flu and last year's false flag 'swine flu'. You can't just get a regular 'flu shot'. I still think the swine flu 'epidemic' was set up to GIVE people the virus. Considering that that's exactly what the shot did! It was a live virus, which literally made a person 'have the flu' for a few days. Making them carriers and able to infect anyone they came into contact with!!!

So, with the wacky weather, them spraying our clouds for whatever reason, and the questionable flu seems that Bill Gates and his band of evil doers are working toward 'population control' in a very real way.