Suzi (22 Dec 2010)
"Figured it was coming!"

I just saw a news brief about the possibility of terror attacks of a more subtle kind...targeting food, and other bio-weapons, and such. My husband, who's been a cop for 30 years has proposed this idea for years. He said, that hitting planes, packed places, can send shock waves...but simple things like tainting food/water would create more fear/havoc than anything else.

When you consider that you can get Heb B from a salad bar...can you imagine if someone used some other chem/bio substance? Wow.

It's so dumb too, they are talking about how they'd have to stop people from presenting food in salad bars...stupid. As if someone couldn't do something at the 'factory/processing' of food level. If I can think of ways to do this, me just a housewife from a small town, you know that they can.

This alone is a good reason for employers to buckle down on illegal aliens, since there are more "OTM" (other than Mexican) aliens coming across the borders! But even those born here, who are either planted early on, or raised to believe the way these extreme religious factions do, could cause the most damage. Heck, even those 'Jihad Jane' types are turning on the US. Someone from Israel needs to come here and teach our security people how to properly 'profile' people. It has nothing to do with race/'s actions! Like the TV show "Lie to Me" or "The Mentalist"...they watch how people act, body language messages they give off...everyone should be keyed into that. I've alerted store clerks to shoplifters because my 'mom/cop wife' instincts have 'gone red alert'! It amazes me that most people don't hear/see the stuff that is so obvious.

Bottom line? Know who is in contact with our food/water on every level...from those 'in the field' (either in the actual agricultural sense, or in meat/poultry processing), to those in factories that pack/can food, on down the line to the person who puts out the veggies and stuff on salad bars.

Anyway, I think it's safe to say that we are ALL 'under attack', and the enemy will use many ways to try to 'get to' us. We would be hard pressed to completely 'cover' ourselves all we can really do is be sure we are 'covered' spiritually!