Suzi (21 Dec 2010)
"To Barry Re: TRON & other films"

The 'Christ' Theme is used throughout literature and movies, everyone recognizes it, even if they say they don't believe in the reality of it.

As to TRON, I just read two different reviews from Christian sources which totally missed/ignored the very obvious themes in this movie! To me, that is scary. It was very obvious they just didn't 'get it'. Wow.

I really hope some of you Doves will watch Tron and give me your assessment. My daughter and I kept whispering to each other during the film, and we both thought/saw the same things. I don't see how Christians, who write articles reviewing movies could miss the major points this film does. My friend who introduced me to 5 Doves even said that at one of the major lines of the movie, he KNEW we'd be talking about it!

With all the talk of 'transhumanism' and the melding of humans with 'other' things, from artificial intelligence to 'alien' (read: demonic) components....and the stuff with CERN opening a 'portal'...this movie is like a neon sign!

So, please, anyone who's seen it, let me know what you thought.

I loved the movie, as I said, it was visually stunning, amazing CGI, and the story was a very real message, with some really scary undertones that I still don't know for sure what 'side' they were taking. I intend on watching it again to suss it out.

Oh, before I forget, I'm planning on finally seeing Disney's movie "Tangled" today. It is the Rapunzel fairy tale, but I mostly want to support lead voice actor Zac Levy...he's an awesome Christian guy, who's never hidden his faith, and has really done well in 'Hollywood'. :)