Suzi (18 Dec 2010)
"Tron Legacy...spoilers!"

Okay, I'm hoping someone here saw the movie so we can discuss. For those who want to see it and not be 'spoiled', stop now, cuz I'm gonna ask some questions and present some stuff from the movie.

First off, having a son who was 'into computers' since he was a child, and a husband who grew up on video games, we all loved the original Disney movie "Tron" was a given that we would see the new movie. It was visually stunning, this is what CGI was made for in film.

Now, onto some spoilers.

There were so many moments in the movie that had spiritual themes. The 'Creator' of the game, tells his son the story of 'Tron' the game, the system on the 'grid' that is played when one puts money in the arcade game. He tells it like a bedtime story, just before he heads off to work, ending with 'and then a miracle happened'...telling the son that he'd tell him the rest another time.

Through out the movie, which jumps to the future when the son has grown up and the company is in the hands of investors and his dad (who disappeared that night), we hear things about 'the Creator', and the beings in the world that was created, that allowed the dad to be caught inside this new world, more like another dimension. They even mention a 'portal'. It is very much a 'good vs evil' story, with a beautiful (and awesomely done CGI younger Jeff Bridges) as the character CLU who has taken over the world (very much like Satan/Lucifer). There are so many lines (I am going to watch it again and pay more attention), about creating, about the new entities that were somehow just 'created' in this new place, they are pure, good, and somehow a combination of human and machine/program. My daughter made the snarky remark that the movie should have been called "Tron: Holocaust", because the evil creation 'CLU' rounds them all up and it's a 'geneocide' according to the dad (who is locked in this place where his son finds him). There is only one of those beings left, and she is with the dad, helping him. They talk about how she and who/what she is will 'change everything' in the real world...they even mention religion. The biggest/scariest part is how the dad explains that CLU realized that if the dad could come through the portal into that digital world then HE could go through it to OUR world!
They use the basic 'Christ' themes in this movie that we've seen before, in fact at one point, my daughter said, 'oh, he's gonna 'Obi Wan' himself...and yes, the Father sacrifices himself to defeat the Evil, allowing his Son to escape and 'save mankind'...but here's the kicker...he takes the 'being' girl with him. We see that she is a digital program, but when she is injured, the dad 'pulls up' her 'specs/program' and repairs looks like a DNA strand, and he reaches into the holographic image to remove the 'bad code' and she is repaired and must 'reboot'. is a sort of freaking mix of everything we've been talking about with 'portals' and the CERN thing with 'opening a door to a new dimension'...

The ultimate story, and message that the dad delivers (as the Creator) to the (now evil) CLU (himself looking younger), is that MAN cannot create perfection, being imperfect. One of the most chilling lines is that 'CLE can't create' things, he can only take what has already been created and 'change it' or 'turn it' to work for him. Very much like Satan and the fallen angels. *shudder*

I encourage everyone to see this movie and please let me know what you think. As a film, it is exciting and is a great sequel to a classic movie. Good triumphs over evil, but I have to wonder if they even realized how deep the story goes when they wrote it?

Thoughts please!