Suzi (17 Dec 2010)
"To Will S re: dates and such"

Thank you for that information. I have stated many times that I am in no way a scholar of ANY kind! I love reading this site because so many of you ARE learned in these things.

I just know that 'man' has 'messed around with' the calenders throughout history, so it would not surprise me if things are 'off'. I know that pagan 'high days' were 'reclaimed' as 'holidays' in past times, especially when Christians came into areas to spread the Gospel.

As I was telling my daughter today, ALL days belong to the Lord, Time is one of those mysteries that affects us, but is really almost a distraction to mankind. We know He is coming for us, so in a way, it doesn't matter 'when', except in the area of spreading the that, Time is short.