Suzi (15 Dec 2010)
"Calender date changes and such"

It is clear to see, with all the changes that man has made re: calender dates and such, the idea/statement, that 'no man' should know the actual date, except God...well, yeah, I can see that. We don't actually know what today's REAL date is, now do we?

God set 'time' into motion for us, using the stars, moon & sun to make for us a 'story board' of events past and present. We have lost track of things (as man has always done).

As of now, no one truly knows the date/time of each and every day that passes...why then should we be perplexed as to the when of the important dates we are looking/waiting for? Only God knows what is what and when is when. We CAN know, but it's like a riddle of who can do the math, the figuring and clue gathering. But, just as night follows day, we CAN 'know' when it's almost time. Just like we know other simple signs of things coming to fruition. From the ripening of fruit on a the gestation of a child and a woman showing 'signs' of impending birth...when clouds gather in the sky we can know that rain is coming. God doesn't want us to be caught unaware...He gives us all the messages, signs and such to be ready.

No matter the 'when' of things, we KNOW it is soon...even if  'soon' is not in our lifetimes, it is coming. I've sort of come to relax and just know it is coming. I have tried to just 'be still and know' that God is God. He is in control.