Suzi (14 Dec 2010)
"to Tina A on our Narnia photo shoot"

My daughter is the photographer...she sets up the shots and her soon to be husband is getting really good at getting good shots in there too. They took some friends who helped them also. We love recreating costumes from movies and books, some people think 'cosplay' isn't a worth while hobby, but we take alot of pleasure in it. I've always been the 'costume mom', and now the kids are really getting into prop making. He made that leather jerkin! Something like 1000+ rivets.

Oh my gosh! I can't wait to tell them what you said about Christian Bale! He gets that all the time!! There is a website called where they post their photos, and it's amazing how many times he is told that! lol. Yes, I agree, he could be a model. The thing is, he's as humble and Godly as he is gorgeous! My daughter said she 'prayed him to her'...basically, asked God for him, and it was a done deal! lol. Godly, pure, kind, loves kids, cats, and well, all the things she does. They are both geeks, love Disneyland, and now he's got a job working for a Property Management place, getting his Real Estate License. I wish they'd push the wedding date sooner and get started on some grandbabies for me!! lol.

Thanks for the kind words, and for bringing a smile to my face! When they first told me how many comments on the cosplay website were about 'Christian Bale' I actually had to go looking for photos of the actor. It's kinda spooky how much he does look like him. If the kids were down in SoCal, I think they'd both be signed up to do extra work in movies and tv. My daughter & I got to be extras in the movie "Serenity" and LOVED it. A dream come true for his small town farmer's daughter.

Enjoy Narnia!...I can't wait to see it again, we have to take my husband to see it.

Oh, just on the 'geek' note, the kids also made costumes for 'Tron'...all the little 'geek boys' (and girls) who grew up playing video games loved that movie. They made the 'original' Tron costumes, since they love it, and are not sure if they will like the new movie (so many remakes don't live up to the classic). They got to attend a Disney Meet Up and go to elecTRONica in costume, and were featured on the Disney fan site! Pretty cool.