Suzi (13 Dec 2010)
"To Deborah re: Wikileaks used..."

Wow...we didn't see that coming, huh? *rolls eyes*

When I first heard of the Wikileaks, I knew it was a set up. As more 'facts' have come to light, I was sure of it. A Patsy used, and a 'threat' created. Sort of the MO of our corrupt government elite, huh?

How better to implement 'control' over the internet? To 'protect us'. Saw that coming a mile away.

Funny how one thing is always set up to get people yelling, "the TSA grope and nuke", then they slip something in to make us look the other way...sort of a political slight of hand. It's getting old, but they still use the same games. People will gladly give up their freedoms because they are inherently weak, and think they need 'protection' from Big Daddy Government.


Lest we forget, the TSA is still at it, and even tho they are trying to distract us with this wikileaks stuff, remember that holiday travel is going to be up in the next couple weeks. Be prepared. heh.