Steve W (4 Dec 2010)
"Israeli Fire     Any Connection ?"


Worst Fire in Israel’s Modern History Continues to Rage Out of Control

Carmel fire at sunset, as seen through the lens of a police photographer
While compared to our US wildfires, this fire in Israel is relatively small. Yet for this tiny nation, in proportional terms, it is
huge and potentially devastating. Does this fire have prophetic significance of any kind? I'm not sure, so I'll leave it to any
of you to come up with some possible conclusions and/or confirmations. Can we put together the words of this puzzle?
No Rain/Wickedness
Elijah/Boy raised from Dead
God's Fire/Whirlwind

Elijah tells King Ahab there will be no rain because of the wicked people.

 Elijah goes to Zarephath where he raises a boy from the dead.


Elijah has a contest with the false prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel.

God answers by fire. Elijah goes to heaven in a whirlwind and chariot of fire.


Another Sign ?




Steve W.