Steve W (31 Dec 2010)
"Harpagmos !"

Greetings Doves,
At work yesterday I again asked the Lord to speak to me concerning the nearness of the hour. I felt like God was prompting me to go to Again, I felt like, "what are you gonna show me their Lord? On the home page
was the word Harpagmos under, Perspectives in Translation Forum. This was just posted the day before. It clearly caught my eye. Could this possibly be another sign/confirmation? I find it all rather unique to say the least. I could in no way   have even dreamt up such a thing.
Here is the definition: Harpagmos
  1. the act of seizing, robbery
  2. a thing seized or to be seized
    1. booty to deem anything a prize
    2. a thing to be seized upon or to be held fast, retained
 Translated Words
  KJV (1) - robbery, 1;

NAS (1) - thing to be grasped, 1;

 Verse Count
Philippians 1
We are all familiar with the word Harpazo:
  1. to seize, carry off by force
  2. to seize on, claim for one's self eagerly
  3. to snatch out or away
 Translated Words
  KJV (13) - catch, 1; catch away, 2; catch up, 4; pluck, 2; pull, 1; take by force, 3;

NAS (14) - carry off, 1; caught, 4; snatch, 2; snatched...away, 1; snatches, 1; snatches away, 1; snatching, 1; force, 1; force, 2;

Doves, let's get ready to meet Him. Soon and very soon.....

Steve W.

P.S. Fasten your seat belts. Make sure your trays are in their upright and locked positions! We are taking off.