Steve W (17 Dec 2010)
"Solstice Lunar Eclipse       Does the spirit world know something?"

Dear Doves,
As Robert Rose and Ron Reese have so elegantly informed us by their recent posts, the total lunar eclipse on this winter solstice, December 21st 2010, in many ways is unprecedented and full of possible biblical implications, of which the potential of the rapture/sudden destruction is primary. They have given detailed analysis that makes this date a very high rapture alert. Yes, they have carefully  stated this "may" be the date if we are even able to discern such a date. But we must be prepared mentally and spiritually not to be dogmatic about this or any other specific day or hour.
Robert gave us information that the date, December 21st 2010, could actually be the "true" date of the infamous December 21st 2012. We have all heard and read about 2012 the past couple of years. Now, by know means do I advocate the prophecies of Nostradamus or current New Age "prophets", but I believe the Father of lies, in an effort to lead us away from the "Truth", will give people half truths in order to deceive and keep them from knowing Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Satan not only knows the bible, but I believe has limited knowledge of some things that have come about throughout the history of the world, as well as some knowledge of the things that are to come. Is this not the reason many occultist are able to predict some future events? Yes, their accuracy is far from 100%, but like Nostradamus, they are given some knowledge that does pan out. Just enough to keep them from knowing God.
While doing a little research on the upcoming lunar eclipse, I ran across this article below. It is written form a new ager that gives his insights and predictions of how this eclipse could effect our world. It is very general in nature, yet I found the parallels to what he mentions, and what Ron and Robert have alluded to, very uncanny. This of course could turn out to be nothing. But it at least warrants consideration in light of their posts with regards to the lunar eclipse. 
I have yellow highlighted the area to focus on. I have green highlighted the words that really caught my attention. Do they catch yours as well? Look at the parallels. Is the spirit world communicating half truths to this person and other new agers? Could Evil have some knowledge of the rapture/sudden destruction and it's immanency ? Five words stand out. Could this be.....
Here's the article below. Interesting to say the least.
Steve W. 
The Article:

December 21st, 2010 and January 4th, 2011

We have 2 eclipses coming this Winter, and they could initiate some positive changes in our lives. There will be a total lunar eclipse viewable over all of America on the eve of Winter, so if its not too cold, you may want to get out and take a look!

Eclipses bring changes, and their influence is considered about 10 times that of a normal full or new moon. Eclipses usually come in pairs, and we usually have 2 pairs per year. Total eclipses carry more impact than partial eclipses, solar and lunar. If an eclipse occurs on your birthday, then there will definitely be some big changes in store for you. Most of us don't like change, even when its positive. But, if life didn't bring us changes, we would not have the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Our eclipse on December 21st is going to be a total lunar eclipse at 29 degrees Gemini. It will occur at 3:17 AM eastern time, just a few hours before the Winter Solstice. It should be viewable from Europe, west Africa, the Americas, eastern Australia, the Philippines, and eastern and northern Asia. An eclipse at the 29th degree will bring out the heroes! Some of us are going to need rescued, and some of us are going to be doing the rescuing. Needless to say, its going to be a day of crises and triumph.

The solar eclipse on January 4th will be a partial solar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn, and there will be no planetary aspects to this eclipse. But... the planets will be dancing about it! Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus are going to be singing one hell of a tribute with a little Neptune melody in the background. We may find ourselves feeling very energized and ready to initiate changes in our lives. There could also be some unexpected good-luck coming our way with this eclipse.

Eclipses can bring challenges, and sometimes people find themselves dealing with losses and strife during an eclipse. They are like the thrilling parts of the roller coaster ride, and lets face it, who really wants to spend their life on the merry-go-round?


New Age                Christian (watchmen)


Heroes                         Jesus

Rescued                      Rapture

Crises                          Sudden Destruction

Triumph                      Heaven

Changes                      New world order