Steve Mullin (21 Dec 2010)

I realize many of you feel that church music is the only kind the Lord would approve of, especially since Satan's original job was to be in charge of it. However, I also believe that if the Lord is seeking the lost, messages in music and other avenues would be important. People who weren't ready when the rapture happens will undoubtetdly question where were the warnings? How would the lost "hear" the truth in churches if they weren't saved and didn't attend church? I believe that he's shown me a lot of songs, movies, tv shows, etc where the messages and warnings were "hidden" but available to anyone who sought Him with all their hearts. My website has 8 pages of popular songs I feel have subtle messages for those who are seeking. The address to the first page is I also believe many people will be saved through the tribulation and will understand that the Lord has been in charge of their lives and others' lives from the beginning.
Steve Mullin