Sabrina (10 Dec 2010)
"Re: Sabrina De Muynck: Gone by 2011"


Robert Belanger wrote:

In your 6th Letter of Sept. 2010 you state  the Lord told you:
"Your question about 2011, this is what I have to say. You will be gone by 2011." This statement is based on the assumption that you will be included in the rapture, of course.
In your Letter of Tuesday Sept. 2010 you say the Lord told you:
"The rapture is planned for this year 2010." There is no doubt or hint of possible revision later.
These statements would lead one to conclude that the rapture will occur in the next 22 days (from Dec 10 to Dec 31, 2010).  Is my interpretation correct?
These statements are very exact and unequivocal. There are no conditions or qualifying phrases that would provide an out or an excuse if the rapture does not occur in 2010. There is no hint that the date could be changed or canceled. An exact time is predicted for the rapture, i.e., the year 2010.
Therefore, based on these statements, if the rapture does not occur this year, 2010, then I would conclude that you have been deceived by the spirit voice, claiming to be the Lord. Do you agree?
If you disagree with my conclusion please explain where my logic breaks down.

Hi Robert,
You ask me a fair question here. This is what the Lord told me (Sabrina): 
The Lord told me the rapture is planned for 2010. BUT the Father can always decide to delay it, as His Grace is so big. He further said a few times that everything is ready (like the banquet table), so every eye in heaven is fixed on the Father to give the sign.
That's how close we are. I'm believing also for this year, waiting for my healing, as this will be a sign also for the soon rapture, as the Lord explained in one of the letters. The Lord will still give me more revelations, so I think my healing and this will go together, then my small ministry here in church (es?) and then we're out!
The final decision is in the Fathers Hand. He knows the perfect timing.
The Lord also told me this is the second year (2010) of the 2nd tribulation. I read one time a testimony of a vision of somebody who had met the Lord in heaven and the Lord told him we will be raptured before the 7 years of trib. I then asked the Lord, how is this possible, as you told me (and others) we're already in the 2nd year of the trib? The Lord answered me: Because the rapture is delayed.
So I am not searching for excuses here, but it makes perfect sense to me. The rapture has been delayed and when the Lord sees the people repenting now, which is happening, He can do it again. This is all I know too. I know many will be disappointent if it doesn't happen this year, including me, but I do believe my healing is coming and this will be followed by the very soon rapture after that, as my presentation is up to date and I work on it as the H. Spirit leads me day by day.
Here is a bit what I learned the last years concerning hearing Gods Voice, so you know I take this all very serious. I have 4 days I set completely apart for Him, as He asked me this, I do nothing on these days, but spending time with Him. The other days also, but then I use a few hours in the afternoon to keep my contacts here and try to witness.
Ok, here is what I wrote out a while back:
The key is to let our spirit rule instead of our flesh. Our thoughts have been in charge over us most of our lifes and now when we want to hear from the Lord, suddenly they have to be quiet and let the H. Spirit talk in our spirit. It's the H. Spirit's voice you hear, and He is bringing you the words of Jesus or the Father. That's what I learned.
A very good book is 'How to hear God's Voice' by Mark and Patti Virkler. You can order it at Amazon. It's a thick working book that leads you step by step how to hear God's voice combined with practical steps. You just have to be quiet enough, search a quiet place, empty all of your own thoughts and feelings and ask the Lord a simple question and then wait till you hear Him talk. You have to long for hearing His Voice and tell Him that in prayer. Also make sure you have a good preparation, so the enemy cannot mess with you or your own flesh.
A very good teacher on this is Nasir Siddiki, here is his website, go to 'Video Archives on Demand' and once you're logged in, you can listen for free to his teachings, search for the ones on how to hear God's Voice (or order the cd's):
This is what I did:
I started to read books of the Holy Spirit and discovered that He is the one who
talks to us the words of Jesus!
I discovered that He wants a very intimate
relationship with us and I learned to invite the Holy Spirit in my life every
day in prayer. The books of Benny Hinn (like Good morning Holy Spirit) have opened my eyes for this.

So I really had this desire to create a personal relationship, not only with
Jesus, but also with the Holy Spirit. I had very much respect for Him, cause I
learned that He is a gentleman, but can also be hurt by us. So I quoted bible
verses to help me not to hurt Him and I developed a true love for the Holy
Spirit in my heart.
There is another book that was a big
confirmation to me as this lady started to hear His voice too just like that
during the day: 'The Helper' by Catherine Marshall.
Just sit still and wait till you hear His voice, sometimes He tests us to see
how much time we have for Him. You will hear it in your heart or head. Or He
will lead you through the Word or by dreams or visions. But He answers to the
call of His sheep!
I still invite Him every day in my life, the precious Holy Spirit.

I would suggest this, this is what I do every time I start my prayers:

I always start with the prayer the Lord told us in His Word.
I pray that He may wash me with His precious blood inside and outside.
I take communion every day and anoint myself with olive oil.
I pray the prayers He gave me (but as soon as you hear His voice, He will do the
same with you
I cast out satan every day in my prayers, this is very important! Just cast him
out and tell him his power has been broken by the blood of the lamb.
I cover myself with the blood of Jesus Christ.
I empty myself (give all your thoughts, desires, frustations, worries, ... to God) and pray I may be filled with the Holy Spirit.
I acknowledge I want to be led by His Spirit and have a whole bunch of prayers
where I address myself to the Spirit and I quote bible verses to remind myself
not to hurt or block Him in any way.
I know it is not our perfect prayers the Lord is waiting for before He
speaks to us. I don't want nobody to feel this way. I didn't know all this when
He started to speak to me! I guess He looks at the heart. When you really want
to hear His voice, then you have to tell Him this and give Him the time to speak
to you. Just open your heart to Him and wait. That's the best advice I can give
you: wait, don't go anywhere, don't do antyhing, wait on Him. He can speak fast,
He can wait for hours or days. He can test you in this.

Very important not to reason for yourself while you wait and be relaxed!
Whatever comes into your mind, write this down and then later, you can check
this out. I experienced when the Lord talked to me and was writing down, I
started to reason myself and then He stopped and said, no, don't reason for
yourself. Just empty your thoughts, make sure nothing is distracting you, find a
quiet place and wait with your eyes closed. Once you know His voice, it doesn't
matter if your eyes are closed or open, you will hear Him all the time. Ask the
Lord your question in silence, so the devil cannot hear you. He can't hear our
thoughts or prayers to the Lord in silence, that's a strong weapen we have!
That's why many people get distracted when they pray! The phone rings, we get
hungry (that's our own flesh fighting) etc etc... Ignore all this and keep
focused on the Lord. If necessary cover your head and face!
So robert, if the rapture does not happen this year, no I have not been deceived by false spirits, the only thing that happened then is, that the rapture is delayed. I am not God, He is and He does what He wants. His love and merci is so big.
I hope to have more answers when the Lord reveils more things to me.
God bless you,