Rudy Wallace (9 Dec 2010)
"TO: Barry Amundsen REF Heavy Videos"

TO: Barry Amundsen REF Heavy Videos
I enjoyed the video about Satan's plan of deception and was agreeing with the person being interviewed until he got to the part where he said that belief in life after death is part of satan's plan of deception.  Say what?  Did not Paul have an out of body experience and saw things that he could not speak of?  Did not Steven when he was stoned look up to heaven and saw Jesus standing?  How about the people in Abraham's bosom who wanted to warn their family on Earth to not come to where they were? Didn't Jesus say that those who believe in Him would never die?  Now I do agree that we cannot contact dead spirits and should not be trying to do so.  But to say that the soul is not immortal and to believe that it is, is a part of satan's plan of deception, seems like a type of deception in itself.
Maybe I mis-understood, but I don't feel good about that video.  And then there was an interview by the same man on that show with the seventh day adventist guy, I believe it's called "Amazing Facts", and I believe they are anti rapture.