Rudy Wallace (8 Dec 2010)
"A possible "heads up""

A Possible Head's Up
Yes Doves, we are all over the place trying to figure out the time of our departure, and I want to take a shot as well. I am a 70th week of Daniel believer as to prophecy, and I believe Israel is key to end time Bible prophecy.  I believe that a seven year covenant with many will be enacted in order to kick off the final seven years of this present world system.  I do not believe that this covenant has been discussed or enacted at this point, and the way the world operates, I believe such a major event would be heralded throughout the world before it actually took place.  New coverage of the event would be world wide and heads of state would be invited with much pomp and circumstance.  I also speculate that the covenant will come about as a result of Israel's victory in the Psalms 83 war and will be designed to prevent her from making further conquests as Israel lays claim to more of her promised land.  The covenant also gives the opponents some time (perhaps 3.5 years) to regroup and come agains Israel again.  This also explains how Israel could re-build her temple without opposition from the Arabs. Her win in the Psalms 83 war will be so great, that no one would dare challenge least not yet.  Also factor in the prophecy concerning the destruction of Damascus.  Israel will be greatly feared at this point and able to do anything she desires.
So, in view of the above, we should be looking for the Psalms 83 war as the next major prophetic event.  Then after a crushing defeat of Israel's enemies by the IDF, an announcement of the time for the signing of the seven year covenant with many is presented to the world.  Then at some point prior to that date,
we can expect the rapture.
And bear in mind that "confirming" a covenant may apply to a former covenant.  Perhaps the "Abrahamic Covenant?"  The anti-christ could affirm the Abrahamic covenant with Israel, thus returning most of her promised land, but do it as a ploy to buy more time for another attack on Israel at the mid point of Daniel's 70th week.
Look for the Psalms 83 war and the destruction of Damascus any day now.  Then listen for the announcement of the signing and confiming of the covenant with many.  Then look up and tune your ears for the sound of the trumpet.