Rudy Wallace (30 Dec 2010)
"A quiet lull between birth pains"

A Quiet Lull Between Birth Pangs
Seems we are in a lull, somewhat, but that's exactly what happens between birth pangs.  We can expect the next set of birth pains to be major ones and maybe even the ones that will bring forth the delivery.  Our Wal Mart parking lot here is packed and people are spending money and eating out and going about their business as usual.  The news anchors seem a little bored and most of their reporting is about the snow up north. But we all know that events can change in a matter of seconds.  I still look for a Middle East situation to be the next major birth pain.  Perhaps the Psalms 83 war.
But 2011 is upon us and it will be interesting to see what the New Year will bring.  The following is not a prophecy, but a guess, and if you want to join in for fun, then post your "predictions" and lets see how it turns out.  My predictions for 2011 are as follows:
   1. North and South Korea will have some sort of military exchange.
   2. Events will turn our attention to the Middle East in a major way in the first half    of the year. 
  3. Be it a hoax or a reality, ETs will arrive and reveal themselves.
  4. The stock market will have another record year even as un-employment continues to rise.
  5. Gasoline will be in excess of $5.00 a gallon by late summer.
  6. Citizens will begin to opt out of health care due to the huge expense of premiums, co-pays and deductibles.  They will be un-willing to give their earnings to medical practioners and insurance executives who live in extreme luxury while they suffer.  They will just let nature take its course.
  7. Communal living will begin to take hold as more people become un-employed and un-employment benefits dry up.
  8. Using gold as a currency will become illegal and a program to convert paper assets into cyber assets will begin.  Much as we already do via electronic debits and credits.
  9. There will be little political change in Washington, despite the message sent by the last election.  Smoke and mirror tactics will appear to cut some fat from the budget, but it will be shifted elsewhere and produce little long term effect.
10. Former President Bill Clinton will play a major role on the world stage due to a major occurence that will leave the world in great distress.
Let see if any of these happen