Rowina (7 Dec 2010)
"Re: New Moon on Monday"

Chris, I agree that this song from the '80's is profoundly suggestive of Christian things,
including leaving to go home to Christ.

And you are right that God speaks to us even through pagan things; this is inevitable
if we live in a fallen world, for the Holy One must speak to us through the things of the flesh
while we are here.  Our task here is to redeem the "fallen" (things and people) as much as
we can, but we can never do it perfectly while here.  When we have an epiphany through
a "pagan" rock song, we feel it deeply, and with sadness, for we know that nothing can
be completely right here, and yet we feel joy too that our lives, including our fallen bodies,
will be totally redeemed!

I was an English teacher in a college, and before that in high school.  I "analyzed" many poems
with my students, and before that I analyzed them with my teachers at university.  This was my
"silly" profession.  Better I had been analyzing scripture in a Bible college?  Perhaps, and yet
one works through the foolish things of God.

This poem (song) "New Moon on Monday" is very high up there in speaking of many things, not
just of going home to God but of other less holy experiences.  This very capacity to reference diverse
things is what makes it a great poem.  A great poem will bring to mind not only its main message but
many side-messages, making it very rich, very layered.  Some would say this is a syncretic thing.
It is.  But our task here, living in this fallen world, is to see all the possibilities and discern the right one.
When we discern the right one, the Holy Spirit is vindicated.  He won!  We focused through the myriad
prisms and found the core prism, so He won.  And we won, through Him.