Rowina (7 Dec 2010)
"Robert B and Corey Anne, thank you for praying"

Thanks you for praying for my discernment about taking chemotherapy.

I decided on Saturday, probably after you read my request and were
praying, to take a half-dose of the chemo which made me sick before.
Three days into it, I am OK.  I needed to do something because my feet
were getting so painful from excess red cells and platelets in the micro-
vascular system that I could hardly stand on my feet.  And I need to stand
on my feet because I take care of myself and my home, do my shopping,
drive my car.  This chemo is "for life", not temporary, unless the marrow
does what Robert would like it to do, stop proliferating so much.

This condition is Polycythemia Vera, a mutation in the bone marrow.  It
is not malignant like leukemia, but it can cause a stroke and can cause
pain/neuropathy.  I have gone five years without chemo, just with phlebotomies and
aspirin as a blood thinner.  I have now read that green tea has kept some
patients at a low enough platelet count, so I may up my green tea and cut
back on aspirin.  I already drink one cup of green a day, and I have many
supplements I take, Corey Anne.

This condition is complicated because of the genetic disease I have had
all my life which makes me react to many drugs,some foods, and many
environmental toxins.  I know we all react to some of these, but I can have
an ER-moment from things other people may tolerate, or be unable to
move much for a few days and hence a burden on others and a pain-in-
the neck to many.  This other illness is Porphyria, which is wrongly portrayed
on TV as a vampire disease and other ridiculous things such as the lies on
the CSI (hope I have that program name right).

I also have a third rare blood disease, which may make me unique or almost
unique.  3's anyone?  I am a neophyte at all number significance.

I have experienced sudden complete healing in my life and I believe it can

We may be leaving soon, but I need to stand on my feet today and tomorrow

Mariel Rowina