Rowina (30 Dec 2010)
"To Wes W. at the eclipse of faith"

I am with you, at least in part....I feel right now that my "understanding" of God and His ways
is at a low ebb, but my faith that He is there, and working, and faithful to us, is still there.

I believe a lot of our understandings may be flawed.  But in my life I have had enough
evidence (thank you, Father) of His presence to be able to have faith even with imperfect

Some puritanical people ridicule the "signs" and other experiences we, as Doves, seem to
have.  I see these signs as mercies from God to keep our faith intact even as human understanding
falters in the last days.

God promised this test would come:  that in the last days, we would be lured into faithlessness
by deception.  He told us to cling to faith in spite of the apparent mindlessness of our existence here.
He said that He would hang onto us even when we could not hang onto Him with our own strength.

So what I pray most is that He will hang on to us, as does a Good Shepherd.  Even though
our understanding reels, as we (the sheep) cling to the side of the rocky ravine which is our
present situation, I ask Him to hang on to us!  He has promised that none which the Father
gave Him should be lost.

You were given to Jesus by the Father, Wes, and so pray that He will keep hanging on to you,
even when you can't hang on with the light of your own understanding.

As for your friends who have renounced the faith, I believe they too will be "hung onto" by
Jesus in this hour of trial, even if their understanding is completely eclipsed, according to their words.

If He ever gave you a sign of His presence and redeeming love, that sign is still for today, not
just for when it happened.  So remember the sign He gave you now, or remember the Holy
Spirit redemption which began in you, whenever it was.  It was and is for ever.